Underground life

 Elsa Dorfman's photographs
By ELSA DORFMAN  |  November 16, 2006

Bob Dylan was in Lowell with the Rolling Thunder Review, and Allen was staying at our house. Harvey (Silverglate) and I went to the concert. I brought my camera. Although the concert folks were very fussy about no cameras, the Dylan people let me bring mine with me. I went into the Dylan green room with Allen. Dylan was wearing light-blue suede boots. He asked me if I knew where Poe was buried. Where he lived in Boston. Alas, I had no idea. He and Allen fooled around for my camera. This image is one of the only images of Allen and Dylan together. It has a total underground life of its own.

Jonathan (Richman) was staying at our house and Joe Harvard dropped over. They are old Cambridge friends going way, way, way back to Fort Apache, Joe’s mythic recording studio in Roxbury. Joe has a great book on the Velvet Underground and lots on MySpace. Vintage Jonathan on YouTube.

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