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By IAN PAIGE  |  August 27, 2008

D I met Luke in kindergarten, I watched him eat shit off a huge motocross jump that he tried to take on his BMX bike — that was funny. Col!n was my roommate next door freshman year of college at MassArt — we didn't start hanging out till I found out he had Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Meers and I met somewhere in middle school, but we didn't hang out till we went to RISD pre-college together. Me and Luke have done lots of projects together, the most important of which is our drawings. We literally used to sit in class and I would draw something on a blank sheet of paper, like a bear, and then I would pass it to him and he would draw something. This would go on till the paper was filled up with animals and people fighting each other, shooting each other, puking on each other, you know, boy stuff. And the drawings look just like our art show, so it's really the same discussion we've been having for years, just now it's 3-D, and in a gallery.

C This particular idea spawned from a music and arts festival held in Manchester, Tennessee, called Bonnaroo. John Bisbee has brought down a group of student artists for the past four years to create interactive pieces of green/recycled art. Luke knew John from the Art Institute of Boston so he was invited the first year of building. Luke came back raving about the experience and told Dom, and me. The three of us attended the next two years building together, and Meers joined us this year. Our pod theme was the Human Zoo, which this year we took very literally. Bonnaroo is what really brought us together as a building group and helped form !nd!v!duals.
D Bonnaroo gave us the time and freedom to work out our ideas. We had time down there to learn what not to do, like leave screws sticking out everywhere. So our work up here is the same work, it's just better constructed since in the gallery we didn’t have to deal with living out in the rain and blistering sun.
C 2008 was a very successful year for us at Bonnaroo. There was quite a buzz going around about our work and we had more crowds and festival organizers stopping by than previous years. There was hardly a moment where someone wasn’t taking a picture and posing with the animals, that’s when we realized we had built something special.

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