Special Ed:What type of Ferrari?
It was a 355 Spider. It was back in 1998. I pulled into the gas station, the kid came out, it was a full-service station, it wasn't self-serve. He put the pump in the car and walked away to service another car. The hose fell out of the car, thus pumping the gas onto the ground. And this is in the middle of July — it was July 15, 1998, so it's real hot. It's a July afternoon, it's about six o'clock, I'm on my way to dinner, the hose falls out of the car and it's pumping a puddle of gas under the car. Now, the car's so low to the ground that it's projecting this heat. That's all you really need for it to ignite — you don't need a spark or anything. So the puddle of gasoline ignited, and it surrounded the car in flames. The flames were as high as the overhang in the gas station, and when I looked up from getting my credit card out of my wallet, there were like 15-feet, 18-feet-high flames.

The only thing I could do was to think fast on my feet, by getting on my feet, getting out of the car. I open the door, I undo the seatbelt, the top is down. I put my forearm over my forehead and got out of the car. I got burned all up and down my forearm, from the top of my thigh to my ankle. I was wearing shorts and a tank top, and it was just like a scene from a horror movie — it was just incredible. Thank God, I had all third-degree burns and I didn't get scarred.

Fletcher: Did the attendant come out shortly thereafter and go, "Ahh, Mr. Kramer! I'm sorry!"
No, he ran to the back field behind the gas station thinking that the whole thing was going to blow up. It was really a big horror. It was on the wire all around the world.

Special Ed:"I just killed Aerosmith!"
I'm lucky I got away with my life. I mean, if you saw the pictures of the car . . . it was really brutal.

Fletcher:This was at the height ofArmageddon, and you guys had the biggest song in the world during this time.
Yeah, we had to cancel a month's worth of gigs, and no one was real happy about that. But I had to recoup, I had no choice.

Charlie:How awesome would it have been if you had driven out of there, and people saw you driving down the road in a Ferrari in flames. People would be, like, "That Joey Kramer is awesome! He set his Ferrari on fire and is driving it around!"

Fletcher: Can you tell us a little bit about what's happening with Aerosmith right now?
Well, yeah, we just started a tour. We're about three-going-on-four gigs in — I think everything's working pretty well so far. It takes a little bit to get back on our feet, because we've been off for close to two years, which is the first time we've ever done that in our 38- to 39-year span. We never took a year's worth of time off, but we were plagued with a lot of different things and, you know, we're coming back, man. The older you get, the harder it is, but we're determined, because we love to do what we do. I love more than anything else to sit onstage behind those four guys and play my drums and bring joy to people. That's what I can do, and that's what I love.

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