Beervana Fest 2011

Beervana Fest Beer List Brewers: Importers scheduled to attend so far
By BEERVANA  |  September 30, 2011

BEERVANA 2011 COMMEMORATIVE BEER Brewed by Walker Brothers Brewing in conjunction with the Beer Education Collaborative.
Prasada(dry-hopped)- A sweet and spicy Belgian-style ale brewed with candi sugar and Special B malt. We added two types of hops that were both grown less than a mile from tonight's venue - freshly-picked Sterlings for "wet-hopping" during the final stages of the boil, and then Cascades for "dry-hopping" during secondary fermentation. 8% abv
Prasada (wild) - To create this version of Prasada, we steeped locally-grown husk cherries (a smaller and sweeter cousin of the tomatillo) in the same original base beer, and then conditioned it briefly in an oak barrel that was cultured with a mix of wild yeast strains. Let's see what happened! 8% abv

- House Belgian yeast in combination with our proprietary Brettanomyces strain. Dry Hopped with Glacier hops 7.5% abv
Yakuza - Belgian Tripel dry hopped with Sarachi Ace hops 9% abv
Mattina Rossa – 440lbs of Local Raspberries in the Mash racked into 11 different wine barrels and inoculated with either Lactobacillus or Brettanomyces "Allagenis". After 1 year we added we added another 100lbs of fresh raspberries to 5 of the barrels and let sit for another year before blending. 6.9%
FOUR - Belgian style Quad. 4 Hops, 4 Malts, 4 Sugars, fermentated 4 times with 4 different yeasts 10%
Curieux – Belgian Tripel aged for 6 to 8 weeks in Jim Beam Bourbon Barrels 11% abv

Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet - This Belgian utilizes both malted and unmalted barley, wheat, and oats; creamy, sweet middle. 8.4% abv
Bosteels DeuS (Brut Des Flandres) - "Methode Champenoise" beer hybrid aged in French caves; rich, fragrant, herbal. 11.5% abv
La Trappe Quad - From Holland's only Trappist order; orangey-red, smooth, and very complex. 10% abv
Meantime Scotch Ale – Smooth (scary) and malty "Wee Heavy" from Greenwich England. 8% abv.
Urthel Hop-It - Belgian IPA; spice and citrus nose, well-carbonated, dry-finishing hop bomb. 9.5% abv.
Urthel Saisonniere - Bright, earthy-spicy Farmhouse Ale from Hildegard The Brewster. 6% abv.
Bockor Omer - Pale golden and extraordinary, Omer has a firm malt character with a pleasant hop bitterness and warm, bready aroma. 8.0% ABV
Oak Aged La Trappe Quad - Trappist barrel aged ale that uses barrels previously used for wine, port, whisky, and sherry to impart a broad range of flavors and then blend these beers together at bottling to make a unique expression of Quadruple, never to be repeated. 10% abv

Bourbon Barrel Shabadoo - full-bodied dark brew combines the caramel malt and hop profile of a Pale Ale with the chocolate and mocha notes of the Porter aged in a bourbon barrel gone wild.
2010 Holidale - Big and malty Barley Wine style ale with a unique recipe every year. Perfect for cookies.

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