Pure reaction.
Yeah. It's almost like the comedic equivalent of, like, on the old Adam West Batman show, when those cards would come up and say "Pow!" "Biff!" "Sock!" That's really what we're doing. You say something, and then "Pffft," the moment's over. You're really just getting your comedic licks in as fast as possible, and it's kinda white noise anyway. [Laughs] It's kind of freeing, in a way — you know, every line doesn't have to be gold. Cuz people's other senses are fully engaged.

They're dodging bodies!
Well, yep, that happens, too. If you sit too close to the stage, you better have good reflexes. Don't be looking down at your phone and texting during the wrestling matches; you will get flattened. You might get hit by a flying midget. It's amazing that this crazy, over-the-top circus with all these elements actually happens. And most of the time, nobody gets hurt too bad. [Laughs] It's exciting to take it on the road now. I think it could probably safely be called an LA institution at this point, because it's been here for a long time. . . . I usually do it on Wednesday nights, which is one of the days we record SpongeBob, so I'm always finishing SpongeBob, putting on my tuxedo in the car while I'm driving on the packed freeway to Lucha Vavoom — always a nail-biting aspect to it that increases my adrenaline.

Speaking ofSpongeBob: you voice all these children's cartoons. Do you use Lucha Vavoom as an outlet to do something more debauched?
The voiceover stuff I do is pretty much across the board, age-wise. . . . If you're doing all preschool stuff, or all scatological adult stuff, that would be not as fun as wearing a few different hats. . . . But I guess you're right. The debauchery of it — you know, only in America can you have this melting pot of elements. . . . For me, the real show — the show I wish I could show people — is backstage. There's half-naked women putting their pasties on, and all these wrestlers oiling their muscles, and midgets running around. I mean, "Fellini-esque" is an over-used term, but this out-Fellinis anything that you've ever seen.

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