How do you overcome their doubts?
If somebody has at least an inkling that they may want to do this, they’re already a third of the way there. [We exchange] a couple emails. Some of them say yes, and some of them don’t. Overall, it’s a very small percentage of people who show a genuine interest initially, and then of those, perhaps a third of them actually do buy [ a contract].

Invariably, the first question will always be, “Are you serious, is this a joke?” That’s why that’s one of our first questions on our FAQ sheet. We reassure them that we are very serious about this. We don’t believe the Rapture’s going to happen, but we know they do, and just because we don’t believe in it doesn’t mean we’re right and they’re wrong. One of the questions that we always get is, “How do I know you’re going to rescue it? What recourse will I have when I’m in Heaven? If you don’t execute the contract, my pet’s just going to die.” I typically have been telling people, “Look, if you know anybody who’s Jewish or Hindu or atheist or Muslim or Catholic — people who do not believe in the Rapture, who are not going to be beamed up — and you feel like they’re good and trustworthy people in spite of their difference in belief, appoint them with post-Rapture power of attorney.

A lot of people say, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea.” What’s going to happen to their homes when they’re gone? What’s going to happen to their property? Should it go to the left-behind loved ones who were not religious enough to go up to Jesus?
In the absurdly remote chance that we are wrong and they are right, we have every intention to make the rescues actually happen. We always reserve the chance, whether it’s one in 100 zillion trillion, that we could be wrong. That notwithstanding, we’re serious and we’re here to do the job.

I’m a little foggy about what you’ll be facing once you actually do the job.
The Antichrist takes over immediately, rules the Earth for seven years, and makes you have “666” tattooed some place on your body. That’s going to be your ID card so that you can go shopping and get food. A third of the world will be killed, and one third will remain. Of course, it depends on who you speak to, but at the end of seven years of this hideous existence, Jesus comes back to earth and takes over for eternity.

So you’re caring for these pets during this seven-year hell on earth?
Exactly. So they don’t starve to death or die of thirst or horrible things like that.

What happens when Jesus comes back? Will you then let Him take care of the pets?
The pets will be happy, and happy to see Jesus, but I don’t know for sure.

If the Rapture doesn’t happen on the 21st, do you think people will be angry with you?
I don’t know. That’s their problem. But they’re not going to get angry. History has shown that every time somebody has made a prediction and invariably, when it doesn’t happen, they don’t get angry. In fact, it tends to reinforce their belief that they must’ve made a mistake in the calculations; it’s still going to happen very soon. So they’re not going be angry with me, and they’re still going have their six, seven, eight, nine, 10 years of contract left. Who knows — maybe it’ll happen in 2012 with the Mayan calendar. Still covered!

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