How To Grow Pot In Your Dorm Room

By ROY BLUNT JR.  |  September 26, 2011


Much like how your mouth should be air-tight about this project — no matter how badly your drunken ass wants to impress a sexy stoner classmate — the grow space must be completely sealed. Your biggest concern through this entire project is the inevitable and unbelievable stench of sensimilla. In the era of the vaporizer, weed smoke is no longer as prevalent on campus as it used to be, so as a first order of business you'll want to purchase a small carbon filter (less than $100) to conceal the outbound air flow.

Now it's time to pimp the chamber. A typical wardrobe closet is the ideal height, and it can be moved near a window. You'll have to cut through the back to install the carbon filter, but that's the extent of any heavy-duty construction. The walls should be pale white — high-heat spray paint will do — and sealed tightly with duct or packing tape so that air only escapes through the filter. Finally, hang a height-adjustable light fixture from the top, and screw in a 100-watt fluorescent bulb.

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