How To Grow Pot In Your Dorm Room

By ROY BLUNT JR.  |  September 26, 2011


Unless you have a NASA-grade microscope — which you might, depending on your school and major — you won't be able to determine whether the seeds you've found in bags of kind bud are of the magical feminized variety. Rather than waste valuable time, the best thing to do here is incur the one significant expense of this adventure, and buy some seeds (less than $100). We can't tell you where, but there's a whole wide world of resources that offer free shipping.

Depending on your budget, you can get a seed starter kit, or a damp paper towel. Then remember what you learned in kindergarten, place your seeds in the makeshift incubator (one seed equals one plant), and wait anywhere from a few days to a week for it to sprout. Whether with a kit or a towel, it helps to germinate on a warm surface like a computer or heating pad. Before proceeding to the super smelly part, make sure that you can keep from telling friends about this.

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