How To Grow Pot In Your Dorm Room

By ROY BLUNT JR.  |  September 26, 2011


The sight of that first little green leaf and root will be the most exciting milestone of your young life until campus orgy night. Time to find a small pot (about two to three inches), and pack in some primo soil (recommended: Pro-Mix). Plant the seed in the dirt, cross your fingers, and let the little bastard grow on its own for two weeks, adding nothing but water (as needed). During this phase, the light should be on for 18 hours a day, and off for the other six.

After two weeks, start adding a grow nutrient as directed (recommended: Sensi Grow). If things are on track and she begins to get bigger, it's important to meticulously trim the top, which will encourage the foliage to branch out and to the side (this is hard to perfect, but there are tons of tips online). Generally speaking, water and grow nutrients should be introduced on alternating days until the all-important one-month mark.

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