MCB CUSTOM-MADE OUTERWEAR | custom priced | | We're really digging the "local" movement that's hit the industry, and most people overlook where their outerwear comes from. Well, we found a company located right in New Hampshire focused on making top-notch snowboard gear. The company is called MCB Outerwear, and they guarantee their product for life, a great step in sustainability, too. Everything they make — from fleece to backpacks — comes hand-made and specifically tailored to each customer. The company was founded in 1995 in Montana, but they've since relocated to Thornton, NH. Hit the place up on your way to Waterville Valley, or check them out online.

GREEN WAX TRUE UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE WAX | $8 | | Speaking of sustainability, the latest is going green with your wax. After a day of shredding, it is the one thing that is undoubtedly left behind, ending up in the local streams from the winter thaw. To solve that problem, Green Wax has developed a wax that is 100 percent petroleum and PFC free, made right here in the good old US of A. By the way, every new Bean snowboard comes freshly tuned with Green Wax, and many mountains have adopted it for their tuning shops.

GO! PEET SHOE DRYER | $39.95 | | I got these two seasons ago, and in my opinion, they are the best pair of boot dryers on the market, hands down. The Go! Peet dryer uses UV light to destroy the funk and keep those boots dry, and having dry, stench-free boots is the first step in a keeping your ride comfy all day long. They even come with a car adapter, so you can start drying them on the ride home.

BEARD HEAD VIKING COMBO BEARD HAT | $54.99 | | Everyone needs some fun, and with the popularity of mustaches these days, the Beard Head line offers the freshest in headgear. They are sure to have your style (we've got the grandpa and the Viking), they'll keep you warm, and they'll always get a laugh.


LYTRO CAMERA | $399 | | One thing that seems to be ubiquitous these days is cameras — they are everywhere and on every device. But this one, from Lytro, is special. The Lytro is a light-field camera, which means that it captures light from all the points in space traveling within the shot, or the entire light field — as opposed to your standard camera, which only captures a single plane of light. Translation: each picture has an infinite number of focal points. It is epic. Pair this with a Go Pro HD helmet cam, and you'll capture every ridiculous Beard-Head moment.

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