Vapir NO2 Handheld Vaporizer :: $174 :: While there are other ace brands, in the past few years, Vapir has come into its own as the BMW of vaporizers — not overly showy like a Rolls Royce, but nonetheless simultaneously stylish and classy like a 5 Series. We also recommend the slightly pricier Vapir Vapormatic Deluxe, which resembles a throwback toaster, thanks to its retro curves and chrome finish. But for more practical — even clandestine — uses, the NO2 is your go-to magic gadget. Sure, it kind of looks like a dildo or an electric toothbrush. But it's smooth, discreet, and quick to heat — a toy sure to be the envy of any smoker.

Boston Vapes ::


Smoked Volume 1 [published by GritCityInc] :: $24.95 ::Smoked Volume 1 satisfies the lifted intellectual's urge to curl up with a good book, minus the pressure of trying to read pages filled with tiny serif text. This glossy survey of American pipe art features stunning photo spreads of mind-blowing glass pieces that accompany profiles of artists from around the country. Each glassblower holds a leading role in the pipe-art revolution, and Smoked is an outlet that allows them to explain the significance of selected works, personifying this functional-art phenomenon. A welcome addition to any stoner's coffee table.

The Hempest :: 207 Newbury St, Boston :: 617.421.9944 :: 36 JFK St, Cambridge :: 617.868.HEMP ::


Original Proto Pipe Deluxe :: $40 :: Whether you're using chemicals like Formula 420 or plain old rock salt and rubbing alcohol, removing pipe resin is a messy endeavor. Good thing some intrepid hippies figured this one out back in the '60s, with the Proto Pipe. This handsome brass piece may be the Swiss Army knife of bowls, but it helps keep smoking simple for the pure fact it's entirely cleanable. There's a storage pod for smokeables, a lid on the bowl piece to protect what you pack in, and a sturdy poker for stem cleaning and tar-trap removal. Best part: Proto Pipe is made of metal, so it can't shatter — and it's fit for engraving.

Buried Treasures :: 377 Cambridge St, Allston :: 617.782.1918 :: 28 Haviland St, Boston :: 617.247.1011 ::


TrojanGanja Reggae box set:: $25 :: Reggae without ganja is like a pipe without fire. Any one of Trojan Records' reggae box sets makes a primo gift for smokers who know how to chill, but their Ganja Reggae compilation is sure to take you higher. With each of its three discs named for the title of a choice jam — "Kutchy Skank," "A Hundred Pounds of Collie," and "Marijuana in My Brain," respectively — this collection's track list forms a near-complete guide to Jamaican ganja grammar.


Functional glass art :: $33–$4200 :: With most tobacco shops and even some convenience stores selling glass pipes, it's easy to find a piece — but tough to find a special one amid all the mass-produced paraphernalia. If you're in search of something unique, we suggest heading to an artisanal pipe gallery like Green Side Up. Here, you'll find sand-blasted and electroplated pipes and pendants created by the shop's lead artist, alongside work by Massachusetts's own Jerry Kelly (chillums starting at $33) and Nirty Werk (bubblers starting at $65). You'll also find pieces by big-name artists, like an oil-rig bong collaboration between Salt and Eric Ross ($4200).

Green Side Up Gallery :: 202 Harvard Ave, Allston :: 617.487.4882 ::

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