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By ELLEE DEAN  |  June 14, 2006

In Rhode Island, the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the longest game in baseball history this season. The 32nd inning ended at 4:09 am, on April 18, 1981; the 19 fans still standing were given lifetime passes to McCoy Stadium. The game continued two months later when the Rhode Island Paw Sox finally won 3-2 against the Rochester Red Wings in the 33rd inning. Pawtucket’s Bruce Hurst, who pitched innings 27–32, says of the game: “I remember striking out Cal Ripken on a three-and-two breaking ball at four o’clock in the morning, and I don’t think he ever forgave me.” Paw Sox to watch include hard-throwing right-hander Craig Hansen, lefty hurler Jon Lester, shortstop Dustin Pedroia, and outfielder David Murphy. Here’s to ballparks that close after the bars shut down!
Portland Sea Dogs | Hadlock Field, Portland, ME | Pawtucket Red Sox | McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket, RI

Estate Brewery tasting, free (it's a tasting, not a guzzle fest — you can't afford the cab home, you cheap drunk.)
A short way from downtown Bar Harbor, the Atlantic Brewing Company’s Estate Brewery pours ginger root and wildflower-honey boils, ale fresh from the tank, and six-month cellar-aged porter. Built on an old farm site, the brewery sits on ten green acres and houses six standard ales, creamy Old Soaker Root Beer, and sweet Blueberry Soda. Reservations are unnecessary and the small independent brewery gives free tours and tastings. The backyard-style barbecue will cost you, but take your time in the tasting room — with shots of S.O.B. (Special Old Bitter) and black Coal Porter — and toast Brother Adam’s Bragget Ale (11.8% ABV). Cheers to Maine’s nearly two dozen breweries open for summertime tastings!

Too cheap to travel? Find Atlantic microbrews at Marty’s Liquors, in Allston.

The Atlantic Brewing Company | 15 Knox Road, Bar Harbor, ME | Marty’s Liquors | 193 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA | 617.782.3250

To kill a lobster, $7.80 (a lobster pot will cost you $15.)
Plunge lobster headfirst into a strong, salty boil. The lobster will not scream, as lobsters do not have vocal chords. You may scream as the splashy death-boil of the lobster’s final dunk burns your murderous forearms. Then you’ll hear it: the shriek of air escaping the lobster’s body cavity as it expands in the dark heat. Feel guilty if you want, but it’s rumored that lobsters don’t feel pain — and we’re damn hungry. The Lobster Co-op sells live Maine lobsters online by the pound. We buy Maine lobster online because online lobster is cheap and comes with free bibs and placemats. Suck the white meat dipped in melted butter and savor the poetic crustacean injustice.

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