Cheap thrills

By ELLEE DEAN  |  June 14, 2006

Makeshift disc golf, free (becoming a member of the PDGA will cost you your country club membership, like you care.)
According to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Web site, disc golf is “the Sport of the FUTURE!!!” The reasons we think they’re right: 1) T-shirts, halter-tops, tank tops, jean shorts, gym shorts, or swimming apparel is appropriate disc-golf attire. 2) Frisbee is the ultimate intelligent design, efficiently converting 14 golf clubs into a five-gram saucer. Plus, saucers, unlike golf clubs, never wear embarrassing moose- or rodent-head covers. 3) Joining the New England Flying Disc Association (NEFA) — which hosts disc-golf tournaments nearly every weekend of the year — costs $25. Local greens fees cost five dollars or less, but improvising your own disc-golf course in the Common is free. Prepare yourself, “regardless of economic status,” for “the Sport of the FUTURE!!!”

Fried dough on the Common, $3 (cherry, peach, blueberry, or Boston-cream topping will cost you an extra buck and your waistline, fatty.)
We order another Daddy’s hot dough, smeared in sweet peach sauce, and feel like a happy fat kid at the fair. Rob McIntyre runs the pushcart and vends us napkins for free. With his thick head of bald, Rob rocks back and forth on his powdered-sugar-dusted Reeboks and spits mad rhymes: “It’s golden good, it’s golden brown/ Tickle your tummy all the way down/ Delicious, nutritious, make you feel ambitious/ Don’t be superstitious/ Cause it’s known from coast to coast like butter toast/ And that’s no boast/ And I’m the host/ And that’s the most.” No, we didn’t make that up.
Daddy’s Fried Dough | Outside Park Street T, Boston

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, select free performances (naked sorority pillow fights will cost you ... wait, it’s not that kind of festival. Damn)
A National Historic Landmark, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival is summer host to world-renowned dance performances, gallery exhibits, artist “PillowTalks”, and free outdoor performances set against a Berkshire backdrop. Complimentary PillowTalks, pre-show talks, and post-show talks include panel discussions, film screenings, and book signings. Tickets to Eva Yerbuena’s Ballet Flamenco, however, will cost you $50.
Jacob’s Pillow Dance | 358 George Carter Road, Becket, MA

Provincetown Film Festival, $10 per screening (the dark theater will cost you an hour and a half of sun on the beach.)
Through June 18, America’s longest-standing arts colony hosts the Provincetown International Film Festival, showcasing more than 50 films from 10 countries. Sweeping sand dunes, hidden colonial lanes, and pine and oak-scrub forests set an intoxicating scene, luring original and independent filmmakers, screenwriters, and critics to Cape Cod’s whimsical tip. Choose among titles such as Eleven Men Out, Small Town Gay Bar, and Hitchcocked — a stiff and suspenseful eight-minute sexual encounter. There’s something sweetly electric in unveiling the esoteric.
Provincetown International Film Festival | Provincetown, MA

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