The Phoenix’s 1st annual sex-survey results

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By THEPHOENIX.COM  |  August 4, 2006

Back in May, staff writer Camille Dodero reported on the state of sex in Boston through interviews with straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people (“Sex (Circa 2006).”) Topics ranged from one-night stands to monogamous relationships, from the bro job to the growing fluidity of sexual orientation.

Accompanying the story was the Phoenix’s first-ever sex survey. Close to 1400 of you filled it out, mapping out your sexual lives (anonymously, of course) for all of us to read. The results are listed below, but here are some interesting tid-bits we pulled out.

The average age you gave up your V-card was about 16 (24 of you are still waiting until marriage, 81 for the right person, and 21 of you will stay abstinent until the apocalypse). Many of you did the deed in a car, on your parents’ couch, or in the dreaded extra-long and far-too-narrow college-dorm-room beds. Other spots included a Prince concert, a gay bathhouse, and — quite possibly the saddest thing we’ve ever heard — in New Jersey. While most of you were in a relationship at the time, others lost their virginity to a co-worker while in Vegas, the high school tramp, or a married next-door neighbor. Proving a major premise of the story, more than two-thirds of you admitted to giving or receiving oral sex by the second or third date. Anal sex, on the other hand, is still up for debate; 615 of you refuse to do it, while 447 will do it gladly (or with a bit of persuasion). 114 of you go for the back door on the first date.

While 680 of you are currently in a relationship and 785 of you have never cheated on your partner, you masturbate to both past and current lovers — equally. (And, of course, to porn stars and the occasional celebrity.) One of you dreams of being “between the Brokeback Mountain dudes” and another wants to “tie Johnny Damon up in a Red Sox jersey” and dominate him.

This past year has proven to be eventful, as you’ve added sex toys, anal sex, phone sex, and bondage to your repertoire. This isn’t a surprise considering that almost all of you admit to having sex on your mind throughout the day. Threesomes are high on the list of wild things you’ve done; anal sex, orgies, and bondage are also among the top five. Six of you have been “fisted” (likely), two of you have fucked a moose (unlikely), and one of you gave oral to your professor (the authenticity of this statement depends entirely on what this person’s grade was at midterm). Eighty-six of you want to have sex under the lights at Fenway (24 dream of doggy-style on the pitcher’s mound), while 85 want to be on a tropical beach (only one of you brought up the fact that sand poses a rather painful problem). Eighteen of you hope to screw in an elevator (three want it made of glass) and 13 of you hope to bang on the church altar (you seem split 50-50 as to whether or not the clergy should be present). For the woman who wants to do it on Mitt Romney’s desk, there’s always the Make-A-Wish foundation. At the end, we asked for your suggestions for next year’s survey. And the Phoenix promises it will be a lot more personal and a lot more freaky.

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