Bodies: Bill Scully

By TAMARA WIEDER  |  January 16, 2007

How much do you work out?
I do something every day. I try and get full upperbody lifting in twice per week; legs once. I do at least one form of cardio every day, mostly running but also biking and swimming. Sometimes I do all three. On summer  weekends I do occasional triathlons or I kayak as much as I can on the ocean, usually for about three to four hours.
Do you watch what you eat, or does this body just come naturally?
I eat a lot, but I eat pretty well. When I grocery shop I try and avoid overly processed or unnatural foods. I eat sugar, not saccharine; butter, not margarine. I try to avoid corn syrup because it is in so many things — it just scares me. Lately I have been trying to eat more fish and less animal. People never respond well when I say this, but I have a bowl of ice cream every night before I go to bed.
What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure food?
Coke. (I don’t feel guilty about the ice cream.)
You’ve got a great body now, but did you ever go through that “awkward” stage?
I was really skinny as a kid — people called me “Billy Skeleton.” And then in college, I was running 70 to 80 miles per week for cross country and track, so I had big legs but the body of a chicken. I started lifting after college because I wanted to have good
posture as I got older.
If you could have anyone else’s body, whose would it be?
I just want one that works properly and lasts a long time. But if I had to swap bodies, Daniel Craig’s (the new
Bond) might work for me.
Favorite exercise?
I love running the most. I am trying to do a lot of cross-over exercise so I don’t over-do the impact on my knees. I am turning 40 this year, you know.
Least favorite exercise?
Abdominals. They suck.
What’s the best body compliment you’ve ever received?
Probably being considered for this layout! Though somebody once did tell me my body was “fierce.” I thought that
was nice.
What do you consider your best body part?
I guess I’ll say my legs — they do a good job carrying me through life.





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