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By MADDY MYERS  |  March 18, 2008

The cosplay scene is as much about meeting potential mates as it is about showing off sewing skill. Raves and late-night parties happen all weekend. The con dances aren’t exactly like Tequila Rain (there’s no booze, no sketchy groping, and the music is trance and J-Pop), but they’re a flirt-fest whether you’re cosplaying or not. For more Anime Boston night-life, check out the surrounding bars. Groups of cosplayers do in-character trips to the Pour House and the Foggy Goggle. Seeing cosplayers improvising in the con hallways can be fun, but seeing them do it on Boylston Street, blowing the minds of the passersby, is even better.

Try to keep your hands to yourself. You’ll want to be careful about touching other people’s costumes or even bumping into people. If you really want to hold somebody’s weapon or touch their armor, ask. Most people will say yes, but if the answer is no, don’t take it personally; the armor or weaponry might be more fragile than it appears. Some parts of my Princess Zelda costume are barely held together, and I’d certainly be reluctant to allow my Samus Aran gun into anyone’s hands but my own.

Be careful with your gender pronouns. Crossplay is the act of cosplaying a character of the opposite gender. And chances are you’re going to meet some cosplayers who are good enough at this to throw you for a loop. So … be sure you know who you’re flirting with.

Say you want to attend the convention but are worried you’re too old. As long as you aren’t the 45-year-old sitting in the corner sketching scantily clad lolitas (and yes, an incarnation of that guy seems to be at every con), no one will much care about your age.

And ultimately, the true con experience lies in the Sheraton hallways after hours. Anime Boston attendees single-handedly transform the hotel into a cosplay frat-house. Anime Boston room reservations include the opportunity to join the “Party Block.” It’s full by now ― but if you leave the Saturday night rave and want to keep dancing, that’s the best place to look. Even if you aren’t looking to party, wander the hotel hallways; most kids don’t bother changing out of cosplay for the raves or floor parties, so you’ll have the chance to spy Sora and Sephiroth boozing and cruising for chicks.

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