By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  December 30, 2008

A few words about the curious rise and rise of Sarah Palin
Now, I love her. The well-meant cheerleader oomph, the complete lack of self-consciousness, the litter of kids, the unpredictability. The fact that someone like Palin could rise to the height of instant star in the Republican party makes me very, very encouraged about the (undoubtedly temporary) eclipse of the Elephant Party’s hegemony.

So what’s her deal? Sarah is an Aquarian, and Aquarians are wa-a-ay more quirky and more shameless than any other sign in the zodiac (the latter attribute can also be argued to their zodiacal opposite, Leo). But not just any Aquarian — her particular generation of water-carriers also received Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, trebling potential focus and ambition. “Why not me?” was the subtext of her carefully-scripted appearances. The smartest thing she did was show her complete ease with doppelganger Tina Fey. That light, humorous touch is an Aquarian leitmotif, and we see numerous examples in fellow political Aquarians Lincoln, FDR, and Ronald Reagan (and, of course, in the anti-matter affect of Aquarian Dick Cheney, who can seem appalling and benign all in the same news conference).

Frankly, Palin has an amazing year coming up — if she wants it. The time for her to be in the news again would be mid to late February. Doesn’t that coincide with the Wasilla youth-hockey playoffs, or a hunting season of some kind? Hey, as long as she stays north of those of us in the Lower 48, she’s easy to love.

Which brings us to his Capricorn mate, Michelle Obama. In my business, more times than I can count, I see successful pairings between Leos and Capricorns — the lion and the goat, the showboat and the worker. Michelle is the Cap in this pairing, with a Taurus ascendant, so she seems just as stubborn . . . as she is. She's got her moon at zero degrees Pisces, which is to say her sympathetic side is not particularly well-developed, but she knows she should probably work on that a little bit. She's also got Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, which gives her a huge advantage in gauging public reaction, and seeing what the world really needs besides love, sweet love. Those two planets literally surround her husband's ascendant, so the two together have a powerful, public aspect.

Meanwhile, Laura Bush has done a magnificent job of "rising" to the occasion of First Lady, having begun her career as the shy-librarian type, but how shy is she, really? She's spent nearly 30 years in the public eye as an essential ensemble player (and in some ways an enabler) in the predominant late-20th-century political dynasty, and she seems just fine with all the notice.

What comes next?
When I first meet with a client, I ask them to fill out a questionnaire that basically covers major events in their life — the good, the bad, and the transformative (graduations, marriages, accidents, moves, job changes, etc.). One of the fun parts of analyzing the charts of famous folks is that major events in their lives are conveniently played out in public. (No wire-tapping required.)

With a brand-new president and (somewhat-brand-new) cabinet about to take office, events that took place on the campaign trail offer hidden astrological avenues to explore our subject.

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