By HENLEY VAZQUEZ  |  March 28, 2006

Q:How much time does the average woman need to spend on her look each morning?
A: It's a really personal decision. Some women can spend 10 minutes and leave the house looking amazing. I think the more important thing is to organize your wardrobe in a way to make it simple for you to get dressed, whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it for you. It's important to have everything organized: work, play, evening -- however you organize it to make your life easier. The one thing I will say is, don't spend too much time. The more you go back to the mirror, the more criticism you're going to have for yourself. And you probably looked good with the first outfit. So try to limit it to under 45 minutes.

Q:Is fashion for everyone?
A: Yes, style is for everyone. Feeling good is for everyone. I think that, honestly, style is about walking out the front door and feeling confident, happy, feminine, and sexy. Every woman wants that, no matter who they are. Let's say it's the artsy Cambridge housewife who may not shop in the same stores that I do -- she still wants to leave the house feeling good. She may shop in different places or look for simpler solutions to her wardrobe, but she wants to feel good and look good. Anyone who tells you different is in denial.

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