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Interview: Kevin Smith

By BARRY THOMPSON  |  November 29, 2010

When I’m done with that, I don’t really mind, ‘cause my kid will be on her journey. She’s on her journey at this point already. She’s 11, going to be 12 soon.  It’s fascinating to watch where she’s going, but I know where she’s going. She’s so close to me. She makes all the similar choices, and feels the same way. She’s a very empathetic child. She’s just a big heart. She feels everything, and that’s something that irritated me as a kid, because I had that and it felt weird. I didn’t know anybody else like that. None of my friends felt the way I felt about things, or looked at things the way I did. I got a gay brother, and I can imagine what it must’ve been what it felt like for him to be gay in a very straight world before he could come out and be himself. Feeling very specifically, or empathetically, or fuckin’ open hearted about things is something I have in common with the kid. I tell her now, I don’t want to program her to be something, but I just want to let her know it’s okay. I see her get really upset about something… and not like one of these kids who shakes their hand in the air and cries at the drop of a hat…But things where even her Mom is like, ‘Why does that bug her?’ I’m like, ‘Aw, you don’t get it, man. That means she’s got a writer’s soul.’ That’s the only edge I’ve ever had. I can turn a phrase with a fucking dick joke, but the true ability I have is to assimilate things, and put them out there for somebody else to go, ‘That’s how I feel!’ and that’s what’s kind of kept me going all this time - The ability to express something that maybe somebody else can’t ‘cause they don’t have those tools. Like the way I watch people play basketball. I wish to Christ I could do a fuckin’ layup, but I can’t. I’m terrible. Put a ball in my hands, and I cannot fucking do it. But this is something I can do. I can express something that somebody else can’t, and that makes you valuable to people, because they’re like, ‘Oh my God, yes! That’s what I’m talking about!’ I’ll sit there talking about Labyrinth on a podcast, and then be hit with thousands of fucking response stories about the first time people saw Labyrinth, and there’s that emotional connectivity. So I see that the kid’s got that going, and it makes me so fucking happy. It also makes me feel like if I die, everything will be fine. I’ll miss some shit, of course, but I’ve been enjoying a big fuckin’ win since ’94, dude. It just keeps going. Like with the movies. I used to make movies with the mindset of, ‘If I don’t make this movie, I’ll fuckin’ die!’ Like in a real emo way. Now I’m like, ‘If I don’t make this movie, I’ll just make another movie.’ It’s not like it’s lost its specialness, but now it’s my career. If I didn’t do it, it’d be weird. At this point, if I just keep doing that over and over again, yeah, some flicks will be better than others. But the next two, the one two punch of Red State and Hit Somebody are excellent notes to go out on. So I feel like I should go out there, open up the field for a bunch of mother fuckers, let them make movies or a while, let me concentrate on the podcasts until I drop dead in front of a mic or onstage. Going out toes up talkin, I think, would be appropriate.

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