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6:43 | SSP | Having already thought of actors, creepy basements, and predicted, "there's going to be a lot of blood," co-leaders Caramihalis and Cindy Vachon decide not to waste the few minutes' work their brains have already done — they're keeping with horror. A blood recipe suggestion from a friend is cranberry juice and red velvet cake mix. (Apparently it's really gooey and sticks well when splattered.)

6:45 pm | TDF | The assigned genre is sci-fi; the Dudes decide to go with it. They quickly form a tight circle and discuss the possibilities this brings: laser guns, time travel, clones, mockumentary. Cameraman Tom Wyatt, who is working with Tasty Dude Films for the first time, is pumped. "I've seen all of them, even the really bad sci-fi movies," he gushes, "it's totally my genre."

6:50 pm | TDF | "What if, like, all the batteries died," suggests Travis Curran.

6:55 Teams learn the details all films must include: a prop (a brush — not vegetation), a character (Sharon or Sherman Shatternick, artist), and a line of dialogue (the cliché "I have no choice").

6:56 pm | SSP | Vachon and Caramihalis head for the door — but can't get going yet, as another film company wants to shoot a quick scene featuring Caramihalis. It's a death scene, which briefly alarms patrons and staff exiting GR DiMillo's.

6:58 pm | TDF | "We've gotta go write!" explains Jake Christie, the group's head writer, as the dudes rush from the room.

7:06 pm | SSP | After 10 minutes of Vachon watching the clock, they're finally in the car headed for "all night in Acton."

8:37 pm | SSP | They're eating and writing, and have secured permission to film at an old schoolhouse — complete with desks, a woodstove, and those indoor outhouse toilets. Also on the property is are two cottages, a tennis court, and a swimming pool, so they'll have plenty of options for scene locations. Choosing this location is their biggest flash of insight.

8:43 pm | PP | In the percolating atmosphere of Peninsula headquarters, a/k/a Rapaport's apartment, a rogue consultant is shouting. "No, he has fingers, but they're also muppet hands!" Ella Wrenn, the screenwriter, sits at a laptop and outlines Peninsula's emerging plot. As she explains, Sharon and Sherman Shatternick (only one is required, but they've cast both) are a celebrated playwriting team whose mounting bitterness toward one another is impeding the progress of their latest work. They may or may not have a fascination turned fetishism with '70s culture. Hoping to find relief both marital and professional at a luxurious resort, the Shatternicks instead discover their vacation rather hallucinogenically managed by a squad of puppets. "It's like Freaky Friday meets Princess and the Frog," Wrenn exclaims.

9:00 | TDF | Tasty Dudes have ordered pizza, brewed coffee, and started scripting.

9:30 pm | PP | Remote Peninsula associates Vanessa Romanoff and Kate Bernatche learn that they must fashion three puppets by 6:30 am, Saturday, when the film crew is to disembark for a day's worth of shooting at the Poland Spring Preservation Society. After performing the social rituals of Portland's First Friday, they begin assembling the puppets at 1:30 am, using large coconut-water Tetra Paks as external frames.

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