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10:30 pm | WEST | Team members raid the Biddeford City Theater costume room to outfit their cast.


12:45 am | TDF | The script, shot list, and props list are all completed, and the Dudes have separated to shower, sleep, draw schematics of robots, and tear apart computers.

1:30 am | WEST| "Everything's in place." With lighting set, actors prepped, and screenplay in hand, the cameras start rolling in and around Run of the Mill Public House in Saco, right around the corner from Miller's home. The overnight shoot lasts almost 12 hours — and Miller's been awake since 4:30 am Friday. Thank god for doughnuts and coffee.

8:02 am | SSP | "So far so good," Vachon texts. The biggest dilemma so far is how to pace the climax.

9 am | TDF | The Dudes meet to commence shooting at Baxter Woods park in Portland. There are breakfast sammies in hand and aviators donned; everyone is ready.

11:28 am | TDF | There is a murder being staged in Baxter Woods. Always keeping things simple, the Tasty Dudes have already included sex, violence, and robot asphyxiation in their film.

12:10 pm | SSP | "We're on schedule, but one of our actors was about 45 minutes late." They had built in some cushion time, so not all is lost.

12:10 pm | TDF | "In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar, 'IT'S A TRAP!'" says Curran.

sometime around 12:30 pm |WEST | Miller wraps shooting. "We really nailed it," he says. He goes home to eat a sandwich and pass out for five hours. One word to describe the day? "Exhilarating."

1:34 pm | PP | I arrive at the Poland Spring Resort, which is marked by large roadsigns reading STRESS FREE ZONE (a message which Rapaport later told me would become a sort of mantra). I walk in on the crew in the State Building lobby, where Rapaport is tweaking the gesticulatory performance of a pink puppet of a haggard-looking hotel bellhop operated by all-purpose talent Jeff Day. "No tip?" Day intones from his knees, coaxing a moment of pathos — or maybe comedy — from the bellhop's interaction with a large green concierge puppet manipulated from behind an opening in the room's facade.

1:45 pm | TDF | Filming in the woods is finished and indoor filming is in the works. I'm informed that the Tasty Dudes are building a hacker-cave/android mainframe/supernerd's wet nightmare.

2:29 pm | PP | After issuing a series of instructions on the composition of a soundtrack ("you know . . . summer happy ukulele music"), a bedraggled Rapaport notes that his exhaustion is convincing him that the room's ornate centerpiece rug is moving.

3:11 pm | SSP | Vachon texts a picture looking in the schoolhouse window of a woman looking out, and a blood-covered man behind her.

3:38 pm | PP | While shooting cutaway scenes in a small, modest room inside the resort's hotel, gaffer Mix Ireland calls attention to the inevitability of body odor while working under such intense conditions and time constraints. With Rapaport overseeing the production in the State Building, Ireland directs Sharon Shatternick (Meredith Lamothe), in an excellently shot scene through a doorway and off the bathroom mirror. "Take a beat and get lonely and I'll cue you," Ireland says, but as Lamothe readies herself in the mirror, the shot is several times interrupted by the ambient sounds of a showering neighbor, lending the group's discussion of body odor a bit of poignant irony.

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