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4:46 pm | PP | The Peninsula crew loses the hotel key, sending Rapaport into minor apoplexy. Sensing catastrophe, he suspects it's either in the pocket of Ireland, who's used his break time to wander the resort without a phone, or Wrenn, who'd left for Portland an hour earlier. The crew explains the situation to the hotel in an attempt to get a duplicate, only later realizing it was in the pocket of a cameraman, who's asleep in the locked room itself.

5:49 pm | TDF | It's lunch break; the Controller's Den shooting is almost done and there may or may not have been an artificial person created.

6:58 pm | TDF | The Dudes have finished their principal photography and their editing suite has been created. Metallica is blaring for inspiration, which may or may not be related to the amount of caffeine they have already consumed. "This all-nighter just got under way," says Curran.

7 pm | SSP | "We're on time. The lighting guy just showed up in time to set up the lights for the first killing scene." An upcoming challenge is choreographing a cat fight. "It's hot. We're on the lake and we're roasting," says Vachon, worrying about those who are filming in even hotter places.

10:20 pm | PP | Pushing seven hours after the crew's expected wrap time, actor Michael Dix Thomas, cast as both human and nonhuman versions of Sherman Shatternick, performs a scene requiring him to operate a puppet version of himself while lying belly-up on a skateboard pulled by crew members.

11:57 pm | TDF | Living the glamorous film life, the Tasty Dudes are huddled behind massive computer monitors in a darkened room, editing a sexy-ish scene on a massive, 106-inch projector screen that takes up an entire wall. This is Wyatt's equipment and software, and the majority of the team has never used it before, so they're learning on it as they go along. Jordan Handren-Seavey, the lead in the film, sits in front of a wired-in keyboard while Curran debates the pros and cons of either learning a new program or reverting to GarageBand. Everything went well filming — too smoothly, they worry. I ask if they had any setbacks. "Earlier we spilled a coffee and it landed perfectly amidst all of the electronics so none of them got wet," says Curran. "It was really, really hot upstairs when we were filming earlier," pipes in Blood.


12:22 am | TDF | Everyone is reminiscing about high school physics class projects.

12:25 am | TDF | Blood has the biggest computer monitor, in addition to the wall projector, and he's currently cutting from shot to shot in the film. "Less is more," says Curran, "and you can quote me on that . . . if you want."

12:30 am | PP | Exhausted, the crew finally leave the Stress Free Zone of Poland Spring.

12:48 am | TDF | Handren-Seavey and Curran are experimenting with the different sound kits available to them on the keyboard. "I want a sound that isn't identifiable as an instrument," says Handren-Seavey. They stumble across a kit that is just a voice singing the words "oh yeah" in dozens of tones. After a good laugh they switch to the regular piano kit and Wyatt jumps in to create a satisfactory piano riff.

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