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12:57 am | TDF | Wyatt has moved to his upright piano and is playing a beautifully haunting piece. The room is calm, each person absorbed in their own task and appreciating the melody rather than engaging in conversation. There's a moment of silence as Wyatt pauses. "Jon, I think you're a magician," says Curran quietly.

1:03 am | TDF | Christie jumps in on the wired keyboard, headphones on, while Wyatt practices a different piece on the upright. Handren-Seavey edits while Christie plays, Curran has taken over Christie's Moleskine, and Blood is still vigilant on the Premiere Pro. The necessity of having a well-rounded team becomes apparent.

1:40 am | SSP | Shooting wraps. Now things are in the hands of Eric Dawalga, the cinematographer and editor, who has been involved in filming the whole thing and now gets to become one with his computer.

4 am | TDF | Christie is the first person to fall asleep.

6:14 am | TDF | Curran is the final person to fall asleep.

6:30 am | PP | The crew arrives at Portland Stage Company to shoot the film's final footage, an award ceremony honoring the Shatternicks, during which Ireland, Harmon, and a couple others simulate a large, adulatory audience. At 9:53 am, they wrap.

10:11 am | TDF | Wyatt finishes recording the score, which is solo on the piano. "This has turned out to be one of our most serious pieces," says Curran, "I'm very proud. It's like raising a child when you know that no matter what the kid's going to turn out weird, but you try your hardest, and they end up surprising you with how straight they stand up, or decide to wear their hair."

10:30 am | TDF | The ten o'clock hour is full of grandiose, sleep deprived, scattered text message "updates" from Curran, detailing the strength of the spirit, Rain Man, Plato rip-offs, time samurai, the cost of animatronic iguanas, Kiefer Sutherland, and volunteer extras — all in relation to the Tasty Dude film. It's restated that Blood is, in fact, a wizard (when it comes to editing with Adobe Premiere), and his hanging will be at Town Square after the DVD is burned.

11:38 am | TDF | The first safety copy of the film is being burned! It's incredible how early the Dudes are at this stage.

11:53 am | TDF | The Tasty Dudes decide to complete all of the paperwork, in case something happens to any of them in the next six hours.

12:43 pm | PP | Back at headquarters, the team is broken up into units. One foleys in Rapaport's bedroom, while Day tries to locate a missing sound file on a laptop in the living room. Ireland is slumped in an easy chair in the corner. I ask a manic, pajama'd Rapaport how he's feeling, and he responds positively, adding a rambling monologue in which several tortured analogies liken the process to glorious motifs he sees in Lord of the Rings. The room is filled with the twin energies of excitement and madness — though no panic — as he lets me in the film's (working) title: Up Yours...Truly.

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