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1:44 pm | TDF | There is a minor snafu with the exporting process and a tiny audio mixing issue, but it gets cleared up. With five hours left the Dudes even have time to nap and buy beer. They debate a possible beach trip, wondering if that would be considered gloating. But in all seriousness, being done editing before noon gave the team valuable time to tweak and fiddle with the film until everyone was completely satisfied with it.

1:54 pm | TDF | "Timecode 1:53 pm EST, drinkin'!" –Curran

2:43 pm | TDF | The film is on its final export, and the team invites some friends over to offer a third-party-I-haven't-watched-this-a-hundred-times-over perspective.

5:30 pm | WEST | After hours of editing, it's time to try exporting their film (about "a man who faces a life-altering decision"). There is a "major issue" — the ratio and resolution (videographic terms that make a movie look good . . . or not so good) are way off. "Useable, not awful," is Miller's optimistic assessment. To ensure that they meet the 7:30 pm deadline, WEST sends some team members into Portland with a version of the film on DVD; meanwhile, back at his home, Miller tries again. After several technological snafus, he finally has a version he's happy with — but it's already 7:20 pm, and he's still in Biddeford. "It's not that bad," he says, happy to have handed in the rough take. "The content and performances are amazing. We collectively delivered a great film." And luckily, he'll be able to showcase the more polished version on his website soon.

5:40 pm | TDF | Tasty Dude Films beats the 48 Hour Film Fest staff to Bayside Bowl.

5:46 pm | SSP | Vachon and Caramihalis have picked up the film from Dawalga, and are headed for Portland.

6 pm | TDF | The Dudes are the first to hand in their film. Well, they tied with another team — but they got to the venue first.

6:38 pm | TDF | As a whole, the team is happy with how things turned out, and excited for the screenings. "Our game plan was essential," says Christie, and the others agree. "We were able to say, you know, we've got to have this step done by this time and this step done by that time, and that really helped."

6:51 pm | SSP | Vachon and Caramihalis turn in their film, releases, and other paperwork. They still have not seen the final film — when they got to Dawalga's, he had shut down his computer because of the thunderstorms. It runs 7 minutes, 17 seconds. Ten minutes later, they're out the door to drive home and sleep.

7:14 pm | PP | After whittling it down to 7 minutes, Rapaport, Harmon, Day, and Nilosek bring the finished film to Bayside Bowl.

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