SSLLOOWW yr roll

A Cambridge dance party that's in no hurry
By MICHAEL MAARROOTTTTAA  |  September 8, 2010

ANTI-DANCE: At SSLLOOWW, the music does the drugs for you.

The Internet had a mild fit last month when Tampa musician Nick Pittsinger used his computer to slow down Justin Bieber's "U Smile" by 800 percent, creating a warped, Sigur Rós–mimicking 30-minute epic. Gawker deemed it "incredible."

The dudes who organize the monthly SSLLOOWW dance party at Cambridge's Enormous Room — but moving to Middlesex Lounge in October — probably let out a drawn-out yawn. Then took a swig of Drank.

"When that mix went around, we were like, 'I know, you're late to the party,' " says Jamie Michalski, a/k/a DJ Die Young/Die Slow.

SSLLOOWW isn't a typical dance night, since the free offering of "anti-energy drink" Drank will cause more casual leans than party rages. A week ago Tuesday in Central Square, when Throwed was packing the Middle East Down with a zombie-themed electro party and DJ Kingdom was beat-bombing ZuZu, SSLLOOWW was chilling. Hard.

"There are so many dance parties, they all sort of blend into the same thing," says Mikey Lee, a/k/a DJ Coralcola/Coralslower. "This is the anti-dance party, like listening to a record on whippets. We're doing the drugs for you."

Any city could use a party repping subgenres like witch haus and drag while booking Salem and White Ring. But the genius of SSLLOOWW is reimagining familiar tracks in the name of DJ Screw, the late-'90s Texas-based hip-hop producer who died in 2000 after mixing codeine with other drugs.

The songs are reborn with a deliberate pace and bumped vocal pitch. Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" suddenly haunts, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" is even more desperate, and slowed way the fuck down is the only tolerable way ever again to hear Len's "Steal My Sunshine." About 80 percent of the SSLLOOWW playlist comes from spontaneous mixes/re-edits off Serato and Ableton.

"I love chopping and re-creating beats," adds Logan Hudson, a/k/a El Slowsur. "Nobody is really doing this yet. . . . It's all Internet-based. It's a developing thing, it could blow up or it could fizz out."

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