Love in Stockholm | A King's Ransom

Self-released (2010)
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  November 30, 2010
3.5 3.5 Stars


If your judgment on Love in Stockholm were based solely on their penchant for matching suits and shades, their humble origins as BU undergrads who formed a band in order to obtain "free beer and girls," and their parody video of the Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat" (shot at what appears to be someone's house, noton a boat), you'd conclude that they're tools. But even a cursory listen to A King'sRansom — the only local release akin to the Black Crowes' The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion so far this year — leads to a different conclusion. Expansive, methodically constructed, and singing the praises of rock and roll's earliest incarnations, A King'sRansom presents Love in Stockholm as a thinking man's party-time band. Especially if said man is a fan of supplementary instruments. Handy with organs and harmonicas (and what sound like congas on "Winter Song"), LIS employ their brass section with a panache unheard in Allston since the downfall of ska's third wave. Also, I can't remember any other song about waking and baking that's anywhere near as infectious as "Let Me Know."

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