I'm not missing them just yet. I sang them to death. If I didn't have a band, I'd be missing it without a doubt. I'd be in a bad way if I didn't have this band going down. But I'm not missing it mate to be quite honest. I gave that band everything and more so I don't feel like I had anything more to give; I mean, I could have given more, but I have a new batch of songs now and I'm quite happy singing them.

And there was never a feeling to have to supplant the Beady Eye material live with Oasis songs?

No&ldots; that's not our thing; you can't sing Noel's songs if he's not there, and why the fuck should we sing his songs? We write our own. He'll take great pleasure in letting everyone know what songs he wrote and what songs he sang on and he can top off his little setlist with all his new songs. So that guy will be playing for about three hours boring the fucking life out of people. We don't; we just hit people with an hour and it's great.

What about the ones that you're responsible for, like "Songbird" or even one that you and Gem did, "Love Like a Bomb?"

Yeah&ldots; no, I think we made a conscious decision to just draw a line under it. It's not fuckin' Oasis and a Beady Eye gig. We're Beady Eye now – that's just the way it is. I think if you start playing with people, they'll be coming out of gigs going, "Only if they played this one or that one," and then you'll go fucking mental. It's like sleeping with your ex-missus; it's not healthy. We feel [the Beady Eye songs] are strong enough, and we'll go on and do a new album once this tour is over.

Where were drawing your influences from on the new songs?

A lot of Brian Jones, Stones, The Kinks, The Who – the usual, we haven't started like, listening to Earth Wind and Fire or anything; we're pretty much the same. Sex Pistols, obviously The Beatles and Lennon.

There's a lot of new music from bands that you've been vocal about liking in the past; The Strokes have a new album coming out, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – do you still follow what those bands are doing, or do you think their time has passed?

I don't think anyone's time is ever passed -- you're only as good as your last record. As long as you look after yourself and you look half decent, I don't think your time is ever up. Everyone is capable of getting back in the ring and making a great record – I don't care who you are. You just have to want it again. I've heard a bit of The Strokes stuff; it seems alright, a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle – they're good. I don't like commenting on other people's bands, because we've got our own fucking problems – or at least we used to, we don't anymore.

How refreshing is it not to have those problems anymore?

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