Stripping it down and focusing more on the rock and roll basics is one way to keep people from getting bored. Was that a conscious move with the Beady Eye record, to dispense with all of the layers and orchestration?

I prefer that all day long; I like the rock and roll stuff a lot more than the ballads but you need a couple of those tunes to show people you're not fucking mad and that you're not screaming the whole time. The more rock and roll the better. I love songs like "Across the Universe" and stuff like that, but you couldn't have a whole album full of that could you? I like to get sweat on me.

And there are rumors the Stones might be gearing up for another tour, so the bar is raised for how long you can keep going.

Yeah – I'm all for it. I'll play as long as the voice holds out and everyone looks cool and we don't go bald and the usual shit and people come and see us, we'll play forever man.

You talked about growing up over the last several years; does that mean you're taking care of yourself more these days and not going out as much and partying too much?

Yeah, without a doubt -- not to the point where it's all Chris Martin and you're in slippers or whatever and debating cheese and shit. We still have a party but we only stay out for three days now instead of four. The kids are getting older and they see a lot more than they used to, so you have to be careful.

How do you strike that balance between being a good parent and being a rock star?

I always want my kids to be have a good time, but I don't want to be preaching to them either. I'm all for a laugh but serious when it needs to be serious.

What's up with your friend [boxer] Ricky Hatton – do you think he has it in him to make a go at a comeback?

When he puts his mind to it he can get it together, and that's what makes great champions, mate. It's not about getting beaten and, "See you later," it's about getting beat, getting up, dusting yourself off and smashing the fuck out of the next person you see in front of you. So I think that if he really puts his mind to it he can become a champion again without a doubt. He loves boxing and he's definitely disciplined. And we're all allowed to make mistakes aren't we? That's life.

It's always struck me in the Live Forever documentary when Noel is talking about the S Club Juniors and how you knew exactly who they were when they were performing in the same building when you guys were recording. Are you really a big fan of those kids?

The S Club 7s? The Junior ones? Of course I am -- I've got all their records! I wish they'd get back together. I'd be more excited about them getting together than Oasis.

I don't know if everyone would feel the same way about that one.

I think people would come around to it in the end. S Club 7 Juniors at Glastonbury, headlining – that's what I want.

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