MUSTAINE COVERS COMPLETE OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM, FROM WHAT A STRUGGLE IT'S BEEN FOR YOU PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY, TO THE IRRITATING PRANKS [FORMER DRUMMER] NICK MENZA WOULD PLAY BY LEAVING GAY PORN ALL OVER THE PLACE. . . . WAS IT CATHARTIC FOR YOU TO PUT EVERYTHING OUT THERE ON THE TABLE? It was. It was very much like a bloodletting of sorts, although I wasn't bleeding other people, which I think a lot of people when they write their memoirs they do that — they will tell the story and won't realize the rippling effect and the other people it affects. You're talking about being with your bros out, doing chicks and partying and stuff and all of a sudden you've put your "bro" in a bad position. What if he's married? What if he's not supposed to be seen in that light and he wasn't and he just got lumped into that?

IF THERE'S ANYONE THAT WAS THROWN UNDER THE PROVERBIAL BUS, IT WAS YOURSELF — CANDIDLY POINTING OUT THE ERRORS YOU'VE MADE AND THE GROWTH YOU'VE HAD TO GO THROUGH. A friend of mine had put out his book while mine was out and somebody had asked me if I read it, and honestly I said that I picked it up, I opened it up, I looked at one page and it talked about him performing oral sex on a girl and a couple more pages had to do with more sex, and a couple of pages and it was still more sex and I was like: guys just don't get that much. Bragging about their sex lives like that, there's some sort of spiritual bankruptcy. It's kind of like that old saying: dogs with no teeth bark the loudest. I'm a very classy gentleman — I mean, you get me mad and I'll lose a little bit of my respectability, but I know that a lot of young fans, they just don't need to read about those escapades of a past life. It doesn't help me; it doesn't make me look cooler, or smarter or more successful — and it certainly doesn't help me sell more records by talking about the bad things that I've done in the past whether it was criminal activity or drug use or bedding fans.

WHAT'S IT MEAN FOR YOU TO FINALLY BRING THE "BIG FOUR" TO THE STATES? Well, I wish that there were more than just the two shows that are on the history books for now. I would love for us to do some more dates next summer. But you gotta take into consideration it's such a big outfit to be moving from place to place.

WHY DO YOU THINK SOME PEOPLE ARE HAVING TROUBLE BUYING THE FACT THERE IS PEACE BETWEEN ALL THE BANDS ON THE BILL? I feel sorry for people like that — you wonder what makes them tick. Do they get up in the morning and walk into the kitchen and hit themselves in the face with a frying pan? How were they rendered so ignorant? I don't know. Some people need something to live for. I tend to go through my day seeing if I can bring happiness into people's lives instead of going around talking scuttlebutt about bands and who doesn't like who.

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