HOW EMOTIONAL WAS IT THE FIRST TIME YOU WERE IN FRONT OF THAT HUGE AUDIENCE IN BULGARIA AND YOU'RE SHARING THE STAGE WITH ALL THE BANDS, MOST NOTABLY METALLICA, DOING "AM I EVIL?" To tell you the truth, you're probably going to be disappointed with the answer. The thing that was going through my mind the first time we played in Bulgaria with all of us up on stage was, "Damn, James's mic is high." Because I had to sing, and I usually sing with my legs spread a little wider, just for posture, and I had to stand straight up [laughs], because he's a little taller than I am and the mic stand that he had was a fixed stand so I knew I couldn't position it for myself. So that's what I was thinking!

It was fun to play, but what was more fun was when we played "Helpless" a couple concerts later. That was another one of the songs that we did back when I was in Metallica. I walked out onstage and Kirk [Hammett] said, "Do you want to take the solo," and I looked at him with kind of that you-just-clogged-my-toilet look and I said, [laughs], "Of course I do!" Unfortunately we didn't tell the soundman, so I was sitting there doing an air guitar solo and no one heard it and Kirk was playing rhythm to the song at deafening volume because he was supposed to be soloing. I learned; next time I'm gonna say, "This is my fucking solo!" [Laughs.] No, I'm just kidding. I think it's been good for metal on a lot of different levels and a lot of different avenues. Lars just asked me today if he could run an idea past me about something and so we were talking on the phone today and when I answered the phone he said, "Hey, it's your old drummer," and that just brought a smile to my face.

METALLICA JUST ANNOUNCED THAT THEY WERE DOING AN ALBUM WITH LOU REED AND WERE IN THE STUDIO WITH RAY DAVIES. COULD YOU EVER SEE YOURSELF DOING A SIMILAR PROJECT WITH THEM? Well, I already did a project with Metallica a long time ago. You mean another project with Metallica? I dunno. . . . If they're digging up old guys to rock with, those guys are a little bit older than I am, I may have to have my AARP card to do it [laughs]. No, of course I would do it — that was my band. Megadeth was what the next logical step was in my musical career. It was a natural progression, but if an opportunity came for us to play again — I think what would be ideal, and I've talked to James about this before. And he didn't say "No," that he and I and Lars and [Megadeth bassist] David Ellefson should do a record together and see what happens. Not as a band or anything like that, but something to donate the money to charity. We're all getting a lot older now and just the fact that we're talking was a great start. Playing together is even better, and the idea of us doing something together could be just too much for my little brain to handle and it might just explode.

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