SAGE: Something that I think makes your music special is that you guys have such great chemistry, not just as artists but also as friends. I hope you don't mind me coining y'all as "The New Coreys of Hip-Hop." Who is the Corey Haim and who is the Corey Feldman of your group?

FALSIDE: I'm more of a Haim. At a young age I remember dreaming of becoming a Canadian child actor, fucking Alyssa Milano, and starring in cult classics. Juan and I both are determined to become A-list Tiger Beat heartthrobs (but without any fatal indulgences).

JUAN: I would consider myself a more brute version of Corey Feldman, for three reasons only: Goonies, Stand by Me, and The Lost Boys.

SAGE: Speaking of the Coreys, in their critically-acclaimed 1989 movie, Dream a Little Dream, they tell some girls to stop rapping because "it happened a long time ago." The genre was officially put on notice at that point. The goal forever forward has been to stay fresh and seem relevant. What do you intend on doing with your first official album to make movies from the '80s stop disregarding hip-hop as just a fad?

FALSIDE: We don't follow any micro-trends, and that makes the creative process more organic and enjoyable. It's fresh. We don't make music just for hip-hop fans, we make it for everybody.

JUAN: The plan isn't to dwell on what's "now." The plan is to contribute to what's next. The Coreys lived in the moment and, unfortunately, they got stuck there. Screw the Coreys for saying that! I want to change my second answer from Corey Feldman to Ted Danson. He's pretty with it.

SAGE: Last question for Juan. I originally thought you were Hispanic due to your name, but as it turns out you're a very hairy Italiano. What's the origin of the name Juan Deuce?

JUAN: The "Juan Deuce" moniker came about when I started listening to Redman. He would often shout out a street named "One Duece" on his albums, so I flipped the "One" to Juan and "Duece" to Deuce. I didn't want a name that would dictate my content.

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