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We remember your new drummer, the Bravery's Anthony Burulcich, from his days playing in local bands in Boston (including Mappari). How did you find him? Is he doing us proud? Yes, he's very good with his fists . . . and I don't just mean as a drummer. This helps when you're in the Morrissey Band because small kids tend to pick on you . . . with legitimate reason.

Have you formed any sort of relationship with the city of Boston on your visits over the years? Seems like there's plenty of history, literary and otherwise, that you might have appreciated. I have no interest in Boston's history. Just get me to a bar with an Internet jukebox. I'm not Richard the Third. But, in fact, all of my time in Boston has been terrific. Fifty years ago, I did a signing at the old Tower Records for the album Vauxhall and I. We were five blocks away from the store and already we were passing the queue. I couldn't believe it. I said, "Those people are queuing for me?" I started crying. I expected 22 people at most.

What are you reading now, and how do you read it? Meaning, have you been converted to e-readers yet or do you think they're sacrilege? I'm incapable of reading anything without a pen in my hand. I underline words I don't understand, or passages I don't want to forget. Half the joy of reading is massaging the book in your hands. It will take me years to lose that. I'm presently reading Bristol Palin's autobiography because . . . no, sorry, that was a joke . . . as is she.

Do you think the prevalence of thousands of music blogs writing about thousands of bands every day has cheapened our relationship with music, or strengthened it? The most damaging aspect is the American Idol everyone-has-a-divine-right-to-be-a-star phenomenon, especially when most of those "idols" are ditched by lunchtime. It's important to hold something back, I feel, and the awards and prize systems just destroy everyone. Accepting a Grammy is like accepting a voodoo doll . . . it will kill you. It's important to understand the attitude that's required in order to make valuable music. Otherwise you might as well be a traveling salesman . . . collecting MTV awards in large buckets. It kills the best part of you.



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