Kreayshawn battles back

By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  November 14, 2012


Everybody's a fucking critic, right? As the standard corporate music business of the 20th century continues to melt down, the listening public, beaten into submission by a decade-plus of American Idol bullshit, is increasingly duped into thinking that it craves raw dripping talent from its pop stars. Which might explain the fickle "meh" that some pop-flash success recipients receive when they get past the initial sizzle of their debut viral smash — as in the case of Natassia Zolot, better known by her nom du rap, Kreayshawn, who barreled into public consciousness last year with the out-of-nowhere zing of "Gucci Gucci."

But prior to "Gucci Gucci," Kreayshawn the pop star was Natassia the filmmaker and video editor, having built up an impressive CV of music video work. "Music has always been there, underneath everything I do," she explained to me last week. "But what I really wanna do is work on different projects, and not necessarily music-associated. I'm the editor, director — plus I'm my own boss." Lyrics from "Gucci Gucci" aren't the words of someone who intends to let the public determine her life's path. Which is a good thing, since she might otherwise be dismayed by the critical drubbing of her September major-label debut, the pretty-bonkers Somethin' 'Bout Kreay (Columbia). "I didn't make this album for, like, critics, or to try to impress people," Kreayshawn says. "It's for my fans, and for the people who already like me, because those are the people who put me in my position today."

Kreayshawn is a prime example of the type of supernova pop-star cycle that we can expect in the Internet era; not only because of her meteoric rise and almost-as-powerful backlash, but in the way that fame gives her fans and detractors alike such personal access. "I'm actually on my Twitter talking to people and stuff all the time, and one minute it'll be all 'Oh, Kreayshawn, I love you!' and the next thing will be some guy saying 'I'm gonna rip your face off and feed it to my dog, bitch.' You've gotta have thick skin because that shit is real!"

Real as a heart attack, not only because people are mean when cloaked in anonymity, but because Internet success only leaves you more open to criticism that doesn't see the big picture. "If one person says 'Oh, she ain't got no talent,' someone's gonna read it and believe it. It's tough for me — I went to film school and did all this stuff and do music and do this and that, and after that to get that I'm not 'talented,' it kind of hurts my feelings. I know in my heart that it's not true, but still."


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