2. Outer City Blues & Heavy Dues

3. Cajun Sitar Dance Party

4. Hungry Children of Babylon

5. Eat Your Coldcream

Got it? Okay, the next part's just as easy. Just fill in the blanks: This latest offering from ___________

1. Harmonica Don and His Red Light District

2. The Armored Highchair

3. Ducks in Winter

4. Jonathon Bug

5. Arturo de Cordova

is ___________

1. a clear consolidation of the artistic moves first tentatively ventured in his/ her/ their/ its last album.

2. a real letdown after the masterpiece album and single that carried us all the way through the summer and warmed us over in the fall.

3. important only insofar as it will delineate the contours of the current malaise for future rock historians, if there are any with all the pollution around now.

4. definitely the album of the year.

5. a heap of pigshit.

(How you doin' so far? See how easy it is!) (Choose one of the following for the next sentence:)

1. In dealing with such a record, the time has come to at last talk about the responsibilities, if any, which any artist making rock 'n' roll bears to his audience, and specifically how those responsibilities relate to the political situation which we, all of us, and perforce rock 'n' roll, are compelled to come to terms with by dint of living in the United States of America today.

2. I don't really think these guys/ this dude/ the chick in question/ a singing dog can defend musical output which has proven increasingly shoddy by referring to such old handles as "personal expression," "experimentalism," "a new kind of artistic freedom," or any other such lame copout.

3. It's such a thrill that this album finally came, that I am finally actually holding it in my hands, looking at the fantastically beautiful M. C. Escher drawing on the cover whilst trembling all over to the incredible strains of the music on the record from inside it which even now are wafting from the old Victrola, that I really don't know if I am going to come or cry.

4. It's so goddamn fucking boring to have to open all these pieces of shit every day, you waste your time, you break your fingernails, half the time it's just a repeat of an album that came yesterday, that I can hardly bring myself to slit open the shrinkwrap once I get 'em outa the cardboard (which piles up in a big mess all over the house after it gets dragged outa the corner by all my asshole friends!), and I really can just barely stand to put the goddamn things on the turntable after that, I wish it would break anyway so I wouldn't have to listen to 'em anymore. (Good one, huh, more than one sentence in this one!) But anyway, I put this piece of shit on just like all the other except the ones I never get around to, and right now I'm listening to it and you know what? I was right. It is a piece of shit!

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