Haha, that's an interesting one, that one. The thing is that over the past year, I've been very, shall we say, ashamed of everything that New Order have ever done. Because of the battle, which has been absolutely ridiculous and sometimes I do hate myself from playing my part in it. But the only thing that made it again palatable was listening to the music on [new rarities New Order record] Lost Sirens. I listen to it and think, "Oh my god, some of these tracks are great." And my first thought was, "Why did we leave them off the LP?" And then my second thought, was, "Well we did do a lot of very good things together." And it made me feel better about the whole past 33 years than I have over the past year to be honest.

I'm equally proud of both, and I think that by playing Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies as I did last week; being very, very happy with the way it turned out. The boys did me really proud, and it was nice to get the songs back. The past year something had been taken from me, and without my consent, shall we say. So it was nice to play the songs and feel it coming back to you a little bit.

Can you envision any reconciliation with Bernard Sumner?

Well, no. I was reading his latest interview which I found to be absolutely disgusting, in Spinner, which I'm doing a big answer to at the moment, because he's so wrong, there's so many mistakes in there, and its absolutely insulting. In a way I suppose I should be flattered that I'm still worthy of such attention. Where really he's got his fame back, he's got his group back, he's doing supposedly exactly what he wants to do. And you know, I was reading a paragraph where he says how great and how happy everyone is backstage, intimating that it was only me that ruined everything. Which I thought was hilarious! And it reminded me of those interviews that actors do, when they sit on the couch, and go "What's it like working on Peyton Place" or whatever? – "Oh we're just one big happy family!" And then you sit there thinking what a bunch of shit.

You can't stand each other, you know! I thought that was so ridiculous. We're grown men, 57 as he is now. To act like that is pathetic. And I hate myself for playing up to it. But we're all just human.

Do you look at them now, touring, and say "That's not New Order! Those are my basslines!" I mean, they've got a guy from Marion up there, for fuck's sake.

I'm in a sort of funny position anyway, in that my son plays my bass lines in my Joy Division celebration, and [ringer Tom Chapman] plays my bass lines in the New Order celebration. So again, I should be flattered, and the only one who wants to play it, which is me, doesn't get to play in either! It's bloody ridiculous!

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