Boakye: It's going to be more of a lot of heavy R&B sounds, some post-R&B sounds with a lot of hints of our hardcore background, with heavy breakdowns, the sub drops and stuff.

Sheel, given that you spend the set seated behind all these guys at your drum kit, you get to watch a lot of chaos unfold — in this case, a handful of stagedivers going crazy. I'm sure you've seen somebody almost get taken out by a bass head or Dua's flailing legs once or twice.

Davé: Not really! [Laughs.] I just kind of lay back in the cut and watch the foolery. Everyone kicks each other's asses in the middle of the songs. I just kind of have fun back there. My setup is very minimal — I just have a kick, a snare, and a couple of cymbals — so I just kind of fit in, you know? I think my involvement, not just in the live show, it's on the songwriting and branding end of things.

When it comes to your performance, what makes you proudest about the Bad Rabbits live-show game?

Davé: We like to keep smiles on our faces the whole time unless the show's really bombing. [Laughs.] I think not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun onstage, and making sure we're not all dead serious. Onstage we feel like we're in our rehearsal space having fun with each other, but we're sharing that fun with everybody else who's there. We take the writing process seriously, and we put the show together seriously, but when we're on stage, I don't know — there are just so many jokes! [Laughs.] I make eye contact with Graham [Masser, bass] and I'll know what he's thinking and we'll start hysterically laughing at something Dua did, or he'll have a sweatmark down his butt crack or something. We'll clown on stuff like that.

Akram: We just want to make it interesting by being able to perform what's on the record live and adding something new to it. When we first started playing the songs at South by Southwest a couple of years ago, a few people said, "We weren't sure you were gonna be able to pull it off live!" Now, we're proud of the elements we've been able to really add to those songs.


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