Really? Is that true?
That’s true. I guess my last vacation was, uh, after the Van Halen tours, but I was supposed to spend a week in Hawaii. We finished up around there and I couldn’t relax. I came home like four days later. That was in ’96. So vacations. I don’t do vacations. Playing’s a vacation for me

Yeah. And it seems like your idea of relaxing is like swinging a hammer or digging a ditch outside your house . . .

Or putting up drywall . . .
No, I’m not that much of a handyman.

So what are you doing, besides dealing with your endless house re-modeling dramas? What do you do in your spare time? Do you do yoga, do you still shoot pool?
Do I sit in my pool?

No, no, no, do you play pool?
Oh! I guess… I’ve been workin’ on the solo material but it doesn’t . . . I don’t dig the solo stuff. So I wanted to play because I’m doin’ all this writing but it’s just extremely boring, and I don’t have the axis I used to have for playing. I’ve always been driven to perform. That would, I guess, be my hobby.

Do you have any non-musical hobbies?

Well, family . . . Family can be all-consuming

Do you have an iPod and iTunes and all that?
I have an ipod. I’m a reluctant convert to the new technology.

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