Kay Hanley gets personal with Gary Cherone

Another excerpt from Hanley's interview with Extreme's Cherone
By KAY HANLEY  |  June 29, 2006

Are you seeing anyone?
That’s very private. Yes, I’m seeing actually a few people. . .

No! I’m not giving you a straight answer.

Aha! What’s her name?
NO! No!

Ok, so. . . We’ll move on and you can tell me privately all about your lady friends. Okay, so, um, how’s your mom? And, by the way, are you guys really doing this reunion for your moms?
Who said that?

I’m saying that.  Cuz I just feel like your mothers must be so excited.
She is very excited.  Um…well we’re doing…I told her I was doing “Mother Don’t Wanna Go to School” for her.

She’s very excited. The kick for me is there were a lot of Extreme fans out there who were too young to see Extreme. I guess we had some young fans in ’95, so they were too young to ever see the band and now they’re, whatever, in their twenties. So I think there’s gonna be a lot of young fans. And you know, the nieces and the nephews that never could see the band because they were one or two years old, are now old enough to go see their uncle act the fool.

What magazines do you subscribe to?
What magazines? I read a little news, watch a little TV. I do read a lot.

So what books are you reading?
Philosophy books.

Really.  Like Kant and Emmanuel?
Well, actually, Ravi – R-A-V-I – Zacharies – Z-A-C-H-A-R-I-E-S.

Do you think of yourself as a philosopher?
I think everybody by default is one. . . I guess that’s a philosophical statement. Don’t you think so?

Sure, except its not. . . it’s a default statement.  I don’t know if you’re really answering my question. I don’t know if you’re willing to commit to the idea of you being a philosopher.
Well, I’m a novice

A novice philosopher.

I like that. Do you have a MySpace?
Yes, it’s. . . what is it. . . myspace slash gary cherone or whatever. . . It’s focused on my the solo material, which is a departure from all the other stuff – a departure from the rock stuff. It’s kind of a pop soul thing. I’m kind of embarrassed to say all this stuff

What stuff?
I feel like I’m self-promoting.

Gary, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re in a band, and your band is getting back together. I’m just trying to antagonize you, that’s all. Does Extreme have a MySpace?
No, there’s an unofficial one. . .

You gotta go make one.
I know.

So is your solo MySpace all pimped out? Do you have like all the stripes and colors on it and stuff?
No, its your basic four food groups, I’m gonna belt here, what am I doing

Do you personally oversee it – your unpimped MySpace page?
I only answer the good- looking comments.

Where was your last vacation?
I don’t take vacations.

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