The Future Crayon | Warp
By SIMON W. VOZICK-LEVINSON  |  August 21, 2006
3.0 3.0 Stars
After 10 years together — first as a quartet, now dwindled to a duo — Broadcast are due for this comprehensive rarities disc. And The Future Crayon deserves high marks: the 18 cuts here showcase the Birmingham (England) group’s brand of eerie yet pretty electro-acoustic pop as well as any of their three proper albums. Trish Keenan’s snowy voice hovers above her mates’ scuffed-up instrumentation and frayed circuits (“Illumination,” “Where Youth and Laughter Go”) or sinks, overwhelmed, into their crashes and sputters (“Small Song IV”). “Poem of a Dead Song” is a longing gasp of melody and rhythm — just a fragment, but what a fragment! The compilation staggers through a few too many drunken-drum instrumentals on the way to the dramatic curtain drop of “Belly Dance.” But who can complain when a good half of these ostensible odds and sods are solid A-side material?
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