Hunting season

By SAM MACLAUGHLIN  |  December 28, 2006

talked to TREOS over the summer and asked them if they would ever consider a TREOS, Christians & Lions, and Dear Hunter triple bill. They said that they wished you the best but you leaving was a lot like breaking up with a girlfriend and that it would be hard to see you at this point. What do you think of that and what do you think of a triple bill?
I’d like to play a show with them. I’d like to talk to them, let alone play a show. If they wish me luck, I’d like to be wished luck by them. The whole situation with me and them and the whole situation with Ben [of Christians & Lions, formerly of TREOS] is different, because Ben’s songs aren’t played anymore. You know, when I was in the band we played a show with [Ben’s first post-TREOS band] the Lido Venice — it’s not like we were playing “Bell, Book and Candle” or any of the older TREOS songs [written by Ben]. I would have to sit and watch those songs be played, the songs that I wrote with them, which would be kind of strange. But, I wouldn’t mind it all, I think it would be fun. I’d like to just give them a call and hang out, but that’s not going to happen. They’re not going to answer that.

What was it like for the rest of you joining up into this project-turned-band?
LUKE DENT: It was awesome. He just asked if we would be interested. He called me and asked, “What would you think about doing it?” I mean I was a huge fan of the disc he’d done, what was it, a year before, two years before? The Ms. Leading demos. I loved those and I’d known Casey for three plus years now so it was really cool.

SAM DENT: I was always a huge fan of TREOS, and then when I got the Ms. Leading demos from Luke my freshman year, two years ago, after I listened to the demos, I was like, one day I will play with Casey Crescenzo. I just knew it. Two years later and here I am.

CC: And now knowing how goofy I am, you’re probably like, “One day, I will not play with Casey Crescenzo.”

There is a story behind the albums. What’s the story? How do you guys write it?
CC: I did the EP, I wrote all the music and the story and everything for the Dear Hunter before I was out of TREOS. Most of it is me, with my brother playing drums, my mom and my dad are on it, some other people. The story has always been laid out, so it’s kind of now having other people in the band who can say what works, what’ll translate, what doesn’t. Everyone’s an editor in a way, saying what makes sense and what doesn’t.

What exactly is the story?
I’m trying to remember that blurb that’s on Triple Crown’s website. It’s really just a story of a person, a boy from his birth to his death and it’s told over a number of CDs. The EP was the first act and the full-length we’re working on right now is the second act, and it’s part of six acts that are part of an opera, a legitimate opera. I mean the story has a lot of detail, but the best description of it is the life and times of a certain person.

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