Pretty & Nice: A Tour Diary

By JEREMY MENDICINO  |  September 4, 2008

TUESDAY 8.26.2008
Beach Party!!! (Insert Beach Boys lyric here). Swells like we seldom see on the East Coast! Three feet? Four feet? I forgot my yard stick, but they're gigantic! And the temperature! Paradiso! Our body boarding skills are East Coast in quality, but we watched a surfer or two surf and all that and we're alright. Just fine. A perfect summer day in a watery Shangri-La. . . And I guess we played a show somewhere in there too.

Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters

MONDAY, 8.25.2008
La la Los Angeles! It was a good day. We made some calls on the way down from San Fran (that's San Francisco, East Coasters) and snuck on a free show in Echo Park. Played a great set for friends and family (why do the best shows go unattended?), ate great tacos, had a dance or three at Pehr Space after the show, ate tacos from Taco Zone (apparently the best taco truck in LA), I told a kid I was Ed O'Brien from Radiohead, kid flipped, I signed his t-shirt ("Keep on rockin' Julio! Love, Ed"), stayed with the amazingly hospitable John from HEALTH, did not die in an earthquake, "Didn't even have to use my AK."

SUNDAY, 8.24.2008
After a solid six hours of sleep at the apartment of the wonderful old friend and brilliant design artist, Andy Baron, we roused and hit the bus to go to a street fair and all day show in the Mission. A few hours of awesome shows and milling about in perfect weather ensued, then tacos, then Cafe du Nord where, after loading in, we were presented with catering like I've rarely seen before. Wow. Burgers, shrimp (Bobby says they were actually Prawns . . . we no know seafood), fried fish, brownies . . . with no end, and of such high quality, I was forced to stand agog for at least 20 seconds at first sight. After changing strings and hangin' loose for a while, the show began. When we hopped up, we were greeted by probably the best crowd we've seen yet on this tour. Friends, friends of friends, fans, and total strangers all shaken a hip and smilin' big!  A beautiful sight to see! Go San Fran, Go! What a friggin' great city.

SATURDAY, 8.23.2008
Okay, so let's see: it's 6:26 a.m. and we're in San Francisco. It's kind of light out, mostly a greyish fog thing though. We are, as of this writing, entering our 24th hour of awakedness. In that time, we've travelled 970 miles. (Can we call it 1000? A thousand is a much nicer number.) Well anyway, 970 miles across four states (WA-OR-CA-NV), we've played two shows, have made $284, and now we get to sleep!  (Addendum: No sleep = fuzzy math from Eric.) 

FRIDAY, 8.22.2008
Today we drive for 16 hours from Seattle to Reno to play a rock 'n roll show at the Satellite Lounge. Why? Because. Eric and I split the drive. It was actually a beautiful drive -- the first of it's kind that I've ever made, as I've never visited this beautiful nugget of our country. At the end of 16 hours behind a Ford-branded wheel, we pulled up, hazy and zombie eyed, and loaded in through a handful of kind Reno hips. After the opening band rocked us awake, we threw our sundries on stage and made some well received noise, which felt good -- good enough to energize us for the four hours over to San Fran and eventual sleep. We grabbed some Jack in the Box, and we were gone, Biggest-Little-City lights flickering behind us.

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