Pretty & Nice: A Tour Diary

By JEREMY MENDICINO  |  September 4, 2008

THURSDAY, 8.21.2008
Wakey wakey in the shack del Matheny. Holden and Eric arrive, we gather our strength, and take off with Chad to the downtown Portland area to visit Voodoo Donuts and Powell’s (the largest bookstore in the universe, allegedly). After goodbyes, we hit the road. A short while later, we pulled up to the Sub Pop headquarters to hang, pee, take photobooth pics, steal inventory and drink Sparks with our lovely label leaders. Approximately four burritos later, a show was played, hands were shaken, and we tore off to wander about with Sarah and Nick (of Hardly Art fame), and then eventually back to Sarah's for sleepy time. 

WEDNESDAY, 8.20.2008
Wake up, again in Boise, then out the door for a seven-to-eight hour trek over to Portland (did we mention we drive 55 mph to get better gas mileage?). Through mountains and along rivers and dams we drove, until finally we were welcomed into a pretty sorta-mini warehouse 'hood in SE Portland. We wandered, looked at guitars, (Fender has just issued a Squier Duo-Sonic. So cheap. So light. So awesome.), ate some foods, bought some records andloaded in. After some light reading and emailing, a show happened in typical form. Got a beautiful performance from No Secrets Between Sailors to bring us right back to Jawboxian times, then played a fairly standard set... until the last 7 minutes of string breaking and technical difficulties. C'est la vie!  After the show Bob and i (Jeremy that is) rolled back to the pad of our dear friend, Chad Matheny (Emperor X), while Eric and Holden headed off to hang off with our old hometown buds, The Rotaways. A full day of music and west coast wonderment for sure. 

TUESDAY 8.19.2008
We woke up in Boise (just outside, in Eagle, ID, actually) after driving here on a day off. Eric's got some fam who put us up in their menagerie — 5+ cats, 3 horses, 2 dogs, a couple kids — blast off! We spent the day at Roaring Springs Water Park -- not exactly a typical day on tour, but obviously a lovely wet time. On the way we had our oil changed, specifically by Brett from Built to Spill, who runs a Jiffy Lube in Meridian, ID. Obviously. He ended up coming out to the show with his beauty wife, Stephanie, to contribute to the small but hoppin' crowd of hooters, splitters and generally good Boise folk.  Fun fun fun! Then, off to bed amongst the cuddly creatures.

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