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By SAM PFEIFLE  |  November 5, 2008

Then there are the music costumes they don. "AC (Lightning Bolt) IB" finds them aping "Thunderstruck" and Bon Scott, after having been told by a tarot reader that they would one day find the charred remains of AC/DC and then magically become them. "AmeriKKKKKKKKKa" has them doing classic Van Halen rock, with guitarist Doug Porter doing his best "California Girls" David Lee Roth: "I got a frisbee, let's go have fun;" "I'm well rested, cuz I just took a nap."

And "In-Ska-Perable Tumor" finds them pushing SoCal ska-rock (and getting punchy). Is this the point where they started running out of ideas? "Gonna need two more lines/Gonna need one more line/My heart's been in a coma, thank god for the melanoma."

Sometimes the musical costumes fit particularly well. "Futon Sun Car" is built for pop, at 3:06 long and full of catchy riffs. It opens like the Breeders, with Ed Porter pushing an upbeat bass line, and then gets fairly Weezer as they detail a strange day of shopping: "Do you have any futon sun car?/She looked me right in the eye/She said, 'Of course we do./Do you want a hacky sack?'" The lyrics might not mean anything, but just try to avoid singing along.

The country feel of "Welcome" works less well, but I'm fairly certain they were going for "ironic," anyway.

Fans of the band's heart and soul have songs to keep them satisfied as well. "Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems" is one minute of pure fury. "Please Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" is a great Ramones-punk take, a rip on the "Don't Stop (Thinking about Tomorrow)" boomer generation, full of "whaa-ooh-aah-ooh" gang vocals and this central chorus: "This song's for everyone who should have given up years ago/So please stop playing rock and roll."

Covered in Bees have always succeeded, at least partly, because they understand their obligation as entertainers as well as musicians, and this disc ultimately succeeds because it's plenty entertaining. It may not chalk up hundreds of plays on your iTunes, but, hey, they only spent a day making it. They can always make another one.

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24 HOUR ALBUM | Released by Covered in Bees | at Geno's, in Portland | November 8 |

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