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By DIANE AKERMAN  |  March 27, 2006
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HOPE?: Moffat hasn't softened his mood on The Last RomanceEven after 10 years, Arab Strap are probably better known for the Belle and Sebastian album title The Boy with the ArabStrap than for any of their own recordings here in the US, but their bitter world view filtered through a mix of pints and pub-brawling honesty makes their often whimsical fellow Scots sound like a younger, more innocent cousin. The Last Romance sets Aiden Moffat’s voice and lyrics (think a Scottish Leonard Cohen after a few too many) against surprising upbeat tempos from multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton to suggest that there’s hope amid the gloom so often associated with this band. Not that Moffat has completely softened his mood: the album opens with the line “Burn these sheets that we’ve just fucked in.”

Arab Strap + A Whisper In the Noise | April 6 | Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston | 617.566.9014

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