Top Ten Uncomfortable Kanye West Guest Rap Lyrical Moments of 2008
By Daniel Brockman
10. "I'm back in your life, Return of the Jedi / L.A. for a night then return on the red eye" (GLC's “The Big Screen”)
9. "We like Bobby & Whitney / except without the kiddies / Just like Pamela Anderson's career / except without the titties" (John Legend's “It's Over”)
8. "Hey, do you have any black inside you / Would you like some, like some?" (N*E*R*D's “Everyone Knows (Remix)” w/ Lupe Fiasco & Pusher T)
7. "Wh-why you actin' like you ain't impressed fo'? / Oh I see, why you listen to the press, though?" (Sophia Fresh's “What Is It”)
6. "Tell her friends like Frito's I'm tryin' to lay” (Lil Wayne's “Lollipop (Remix)”)
5. "Man this is classic / Call her National Geographic / Her ass is African, but her eyes so Asian / Plus the waist and time's a-wastin'” (88-Key's “Stay Up! (Viagra)”)
4. “First I stand around and vomit /then I shit up on it / fuck the beat up so bad / won't nobody get up on it" (DJ Khaled's “Go Hard” w/ T-Pain)
3. "And when you sat down / you was losing your breath now / cuz you be doing it to death now / She be doing E to F now / What's left now?" (Madonna's “The Beat Goes On”)
2. "Ayo, I know I got it first / I'm Christopher Columbus, y'all just the pilgrims / Thanksgiving do we even gotta question?" T.I.'s “Swagga Like Us” w/ Jay-Z & Lil Wayne
1. "I know how it feel to wake up and be the shit and the urine" (T.I.'s “Swagga Like Us” w/ Jay-Z & Lil Wayne)

Top Ten Album Names More Fitting Than Chinese Democracy
by Chris Faraone
10. Turkmenistaniani Neurology
9. Icelandic Idolatry
8. Swedish Cutlery
7. Korean Falafel
6. Iranian Hypocrisy
5. Hawaiian Adultery
4. Viggo Mortensian Philanthropy
3. Irish Fuckery
2. Vietnamese Tomfoolery
1. Shit Sandwich

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