Burial & Four Tet, Moth/Wolf Cub Split 12" (Text)

This two-track jewel fresh from the production masterminds of Four Tet (electro-acoustic sound collagist Kieran Hebden) and Burial (the elusive dubstep proprietor William Bevan, who for all we know may be Kieran Hebden) might have already become one of the choicest electronic releases of 2009. "Moth" begins with a surging loop, the decomposed sonic artifact of an organ or lovingly EQed synth patch. Earthy and moist, this track never rests, gliding forward with one of the most eminently danceable phrases yet heard in 2009. That said, this split isn't some mindless club-rot. Both artists' attention to depth and detail are just as obsessive as in their past works, though it's exhilaratingly hard to tell who is bringing exactly what to the table here: Four Tet's restless instrumentation is more hushed than usual, but still subtly apparent; Burial inserts notes of his signature warmth, like the softly panning undercurrent of clicking vinyl at the end of "Moth." The two collude brilliantly, though: these are the kind of tracks a DJ craves at 3 am. You could scarcely walk across a dance floor with slipping on pheromones. AF

Christopher Gray can be reached at cgray@phx.com. Andrew Frederick can be reached at andrew.william.frederick@gmail.com.

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