Lights, camera, action rock!

By CHRIS CONTI  |  October 7, 2009

ANY DIFFERENT APPROACH TO RECORDING THIS ALBUM AS OPPOSED TOWALL OF PEOPLE? We had a lot more time and resources on this record, and we were able to deconstruct every song. It was a creative boom and a lot of fun. We wanted to challenge ourselves to do something different this time while keeping the energetic, bombastic sound we've always had.

ANY "ROCK STAR" PURCHASES MADE WITH YOUR BAG OF MAJOR LABEL LOOT? Between the current economy and tough record sales, labels aren't quick to hand out money. Ultimately it's all about getting by while being able to do what you love. The label certainly put a lot of resources into our band and we are grateful for that, but it's not like we're sipping Cristal. Not yet, anyways.

HAVE YOU HEARD ANY BACKLASH LOCALLY FOR SIGNING TO A MAJOR? There have been a couple of comments here and there on music websites, but that's bound to happen. It's cool because I feel like people are actually rooting for us. It's an amazing feeling and something that doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.

I READ THE PRESS RELEASE AND HAD NEVER HEARD THE TERM "ACTION ROCK" BEFORE. "Action-Rock" is a term we created. It describes our music and sets us apart from every other band, and sparks intrigue. Our music is like the soundtrack to an action movie, and intended to evoke emotion in the listener.

YOU GUYS WILL BE TOGETHER 24/7 ON THIS BIG UPCOMING TOUR. WHAT'S THE SECRET TO KEEPING IT TOGETHER? We have been friends, classmates, teammates, and brothers since we were 12. We run our band like a family. We work like a machine, everyone has a specific job to do. There is one vision, one goal. It comes natural to us. We're in this together. And we wouldn't want it any other way.

MONTY ARE I THE COMING WEAK THE INTEL LIGHTS RESOLVE THESE GREEN EYES | Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, 79 Washington Street, Providence | October 9 @ 8 pm | $15

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