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By SAM PFEIFLE  |  December 30, 2009

The next Saturday, Geno's plays host to the punkabilly LOST CAUSE DESPERADOS, who booked the gig to release Desert of Broken Glass, which has been largely done since before summer, when Marc Bartholomew twiddled the knobs to master the disc. Now Nick Scala, Brian Higgins, Stu Mahan, and Kris Lavallee are ready make a little hay with the thing — help them party it up, January 16.

Returning to town from parts south and west is ROY DAVIS, to celebrate the release of We Are a Lightning Bolt, his third full-length disc, on Portsmouth's Mill Town Records. The alt-country and just-plain-rock record's been in the works for the better part of 2009, with reports that Davis went back to do more writing periodically because he wasn't happy with initial recording sessions. Is this his make-it-or-break-it album? It sure feels like he's going for broke. Judge for yourself January 23 at SPACE, when Gutter and Casas and Marie Moreshead open up.

That same night you can catch what may be the last DEAD SEASON show for a little while. Hot off of winning $10,000 from the Bone (it's a radio station) last week, they play their last show with bassist Steve Church in support of the Lewiston Maineiacs (it's a hockey team) before beating the bushes for a new bassist and holing up to practice. The good news is that Rise, their full-length debut, is going into a second printing, this time with bonus tracks from their two EPs, Down Again and The Fight, tacked onto the end. Both of those are sold out as well, so this is your only chance to pick those tracks up on one of those spinning-disc things.

MOSHE and BRZOWSKI are still releasing spinning discs, too, and they celebrate the hard-copy release of their new EP, Like Woe, with a gig January 27 at the Big Easy. These two are all cultured and whatnot now, following their recent tour of European venues, so they're likely to be even more creative and interesting in their dark-and-gloominess (tracks include "Entrail," "A Dog Called Cirrhosis," and "The Coming Plague"). Brzowski plays guitar on the disc; will he whip out his axe at the gig?

And the month wraps up with that January 29 show at SPACE Gallery we told you about a few weeks back, whereby ETERNAL OTTER RECORDS puts out some vinyl from bands that have broken up or lost members (eww, missing members).

What else is on the horizon? Both COLEPITZ and HOLY BOYS DANGER CLUB have recently been in the studio with Jonathan Wyman, and both discs will be highly anticipated. The Colepitz reunion show at Empire last month was electric, with Rob Korhonen showing he hasn't lost anything in his delivery, even if he's picked up a few gray hairs at the temples since the last time you saw him on stage. Heavy and primal, the band have picked up a sense of subtlety and reserve in their various journeys and somehow manage to evince relaxation as they thrash about. I can't wait to hear the new material on record.

As for the Holy Boys, one has to wonder if they aren't the next big thing around these parts. Their debut EP showed a lot of promise, if maybe a lack of focus. Will a year's worth of shows and a return to Wyman's guiding hand mean a disc that lives up to the considerable expectations that stem from their Cambiata/Cosades/Dominic and the Lucid/Black Tie Affair roots? Early returns say yes, but you'll just have to survive the winter's cold to find out.

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