And what of P+J, you say? Might they be considered for a Biggest Little newspaper hall of fame? We understand that some thought is being given, but there is a strongly held belief among many actual reporters and journalists that an action on behalf of your superior correspondents should be contingent on certain meteorological conditions (i.e., when hell freezes over).

After watching and listening to a spate of interviews on local television and radio stations, P+J were seriously considering refusing to vote for any candidate for elective office who utters the phrase “at the end of the day.” We quickly realized that this might be impossible, as it seems to be one of those inane clichés that has attached itself to the dulling cerebellums of politicians everywhere and refused to let go. Sometimes when we hear it multiple times in one interview, Phillipe starts pulling his hair out (Jorge has to content himself with pulling something else out — something we will not mention here — since hair has not been part of his repertoire for a number of decades now).

This does not mean that we’ll have to limit our votes to Chris Young in whatever races he is able to get on the ballot for this November. While he has not been known to talk about “the end of the day” he does like to allude to “the end of times.” As annoying as “the end of the day” is, we’re not about to throw our support behind the man who’s managed to turn getting thrown out of candidate forums into some sort of bizarre form of performance art. We also tend to prefer the US Constitution to the Book of Revelations.

Your superior correspondents can promise you one thing though: if any candidate, in forgoing the “at the end of the day” locution instead opts to shout out a couple of verses of the Kinks’ “Till the End of the Day,” we’ll pledge our votes and an at-least-two-figure campaign donation.

RIP . . .
. . . Lena Horne. The magnificent singer, actress and human rights activist passed away at 92. A couple of decades ago Jorge stumbled upon a rare 1930s 16 mm film of a very young Lena singing in Boogie Woogie Dream, a classic all-black-cast musical short starring piano legends Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons. It’s a prized possession. Horne was the real deal. She hung out with Paul Robeson, W.E.B. DuBois and other leftist intellectuals, the sort of people that could get one blacklisted. She spoke up for civil rights, loudly and often. God bless her.

. . . As a young boy in the 1950s, Phillipe grew up in the Philadelphia area. The Phillies were his team. Last week one of the greatest Phillies of them all, Robin Roberts, passed away. For Phillipe, it was Roberts and Richie Ashburn like it was Ted Williams and Bill Monbouquette for Jorge. They don’t make pitchers like Roberts anymore. He won 286 games and (here’s what we mean by they don’t make ’em like this anymore) pitched 272 complete games. Yeah, nine innings or more. Thanks for all the thrills, Robin.

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