LARC is composed of 30 performers including Anne Bancroft, Martin Balsom, Dustin Hoffman, George C. Scott and Jon Voight. But despite such big names the organization has not been successful. Wallach puts it this way: "LARC hasn't succeeded because we're all so easily seduced. Everybody's got their bag packed and one foot out the door and that's a sad commentary on America."

Wallach readily admits that he ahs been seduced on occasion and done bad films just for the money. "One time Don Siegel sent me a script that had me killing five people in one day. I called him and said I'd do the film for $10,000 a killing. He said okay and I made myself $50,000. (The film incidentally was a clinker called The Lineup.)

But most of Eli Wallach's career has been spent accumulating rave reviews. He has worked with virtually every heavy-weight in the entertainment industry. Speaking freely and drawing from his 27 years in the business he offers these comments:

On Marlon Brando – "I've known Marlon for twenty-five years. He's a marvelous man; he's an imp, he's a teaser, he's a practical joker, he's a sensitive guy. I like him very much. He's a brilliant actor. I didn't agree with what he did at the Academy Awards; I mean I love the idea that he's involved in the Indian situation but think it would have been more effective if he'd gone himself."

On Tennessee Williams – "For the first seven years of my acting career all I did was Tennessee Williams. He's a poet, a great short story writer. One of the fearful things in America is that you have to keep churning out things called 'hits.' I think Tennessee has had a dry period the last four or five years but he'll come out of it."

On Charles Bronson – "He's the biggest star in Europe and Japan today. If you had told me that a few years ago, when I was working with him in The Magnificent Seven I wouldn't have known what to say. I don't know whether he's a leading man or what. Evidently the women get orgasms when Charles appears on the screen. I can't explain it, certainly they don't when I come on the screen."

On Clint Eastwood – "he's the epitome of the tall silent western man who believes in justice. When I made a film with him in Spain the girls swarmed all over him. I haven't seen his last few pictures but I hate that poster with the Magnum gun, the Magnum Force. It seems to say that the only solution is with a gun in your hand."

On Zero Mostel – "well he can be naught when he wants to b and he can be marvelous. He's an eccentric, a genius, a brilliant actor with a low level of patience."

On Clark Gabel – "he was a superb, professional film actor. He knew just how far to go and how much work to do. A lot of people have the theory that because of the stuff we did with the wild horses (in The Misfits), the exertions, that Gable died because of that. It's not true."

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